The Benefits of Web-Based Recruitment Software

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With the countless number of job seekers looking for work in today’s economy, it’s more important than ever for recruiters to pick the perfect person for the position.

In the past, it was easy for companies to publish their job openings in the newspaper or even hang a sign in their storefront window. We all know those days are long gone – so what should recruiters be doing to keep up with the changing times and find the best candidates?

The answer to that question is simple: recruiters should be using web-based recruitment software.

The recruiting process itself has drastically changed throughout the past several years. First, recruiters kept track of potential candidates by keeping massive files filled with resumes and interview information. Then, the first-wave of recruiting software came along, allowing recruiters to download recruiting programs onto their computers so they could more easily keep track of candidate pools. Today, web-based recruitment solutions are more intuitive and efficient than ever before, making it easier for recruiters to do their job and do it well.

Here are some major benefits recruiters will find when using web-based recruitment software:

Cost-effective – Hiring the wrong person can cost an organization tons and tons of money, not to mention the emotional stress placed on the employee and their higher-ups. By allowing for the use of pointed, personalized questions, keyword matching technology, and other high-tech features, web-based recruitment software all but eliminates a recruiter’s chances of hiring the wrong person.

Customization – It’s easy to customize the interview and hiring process, but nearly impossible to find the time to schedule a personlizaed, one-one-one interview with every single job candidate. Most web-based recruitment software makes it easy for recruiters to pinpoint the questions they want to ask candidates, as well as the qualifications and experience they want those candidates to have.

Easy Upkeep – Unlike software that you have to download to your computer and update periodically, web-based recruitment software usually updates on its own without taking away from your time or interrupting your workflow. In addition, web-based software in general is faster, more secure, and easier to handle.

Integration – Long-gone are the days of newspaper classifieds. Most companies today advertise their jobs through an online job portal or a similar third-party job board. Most web-based recruitment software makes it easy to integrate your online job advertisements so potential candidates can simply answer a couple of questions or upload their resume, making it easier than ever for your to see whether they’re a good fit for the position.

Mobility – In today’s corporate world, there’s no such thing as a 9 to 5 job. It’s just as inevitable that you’ll spend time responding to work-related e-mails while sitting down to watch your favorite evening show as it is that you’ll be taking calls from your kids’ school while you’re sitting at your desk. As a recruiter, being able to move flawlessly between your work computer, laptop, and mobile phone is a must when it comes to getting the job done – and you’ll only find that kind of flexibility with web-based recruiting software.

Better collaboration – As opposed to older recruitment software, which had to be installed on every recruiter’s computer, web-based recruitment software makes it easy for the recruitment team to work together anytime, anywhere. This means one recruiter can review a resume and highlight it for another recruiter to read and call the candidate in for an interview.

Build a more productive organization – By using web-based recruitment software, recruiters will be able to do their jobs more quickly, more easily, and more efficiently – all contributing to the overall productiviness of the organization. And hiring the right person for the job the first time around will further enhance overall productivity.

High-tech candidates – The candidates that your company needs to recruit in order to succeed are already online. They’re working, socializing, and looking for jobs on the Internet, so it only makes sense to use a savvy web-based recruitment software that will place your jobs in front of the right high-tech candidates.

So regardless of whether you work for a small mom and pop business or a multi-million dollar corporation, finding the right web-based recruitment software will make your job easier, save your company money, and result in a better company overall.

Recruiting Software Doesn’t Prevent Resume Mistakes

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Recruiting software makes the application and hiring process easier for both job seekers and employers. However, sometimes the process seems so easy that potential candidates are led to make critical mistakes, which may in turn prolong the hiring process for the employer.

Most recruiting software applications allow candidates to quickly input their information and either create a new resume or upload an existing document. Sometimes the process appears to be so easy that job seekers forget to go back and double check exactly what it is they’re submitting to their potential employer.

Simply typing in a bunch of nonsensical information or uploading an old, out-of-date resume can easily get you thrown out of the candidate pool.

Staffing Software Via Social Networking Still a Success

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As if we needed more proof that supplementing your typical staffing software (Click here) with social networking is a good idea, a new report suggests just that.

The Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2010 found that the majority of companies are using social media as their primary recruiting tool. The report was based on an online survey of 600 participants between May and June.

The majority of companies have learned how to use social networking sites effectively, as 58 percent of survey respondents said they have successfully hired employees by using some form of social media.

Staffing Software Benefits

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If your business is continuing to grow and add employees you may want to look into using staffing software.

Staffing software is one of the most efficient and technologically advanced ways to manage employees. According to an article by wiseGEEK, staffing software is a series of applications that automate cleriecal and bookkeeping tasks that would normally be completed by people.

“Letting a computer perform these tasks not only gets them done more quickly – given a computer’s natural ability to multitask to the nth degree – but also frees up the people who formerly did those things for other tasks,” the article notes. “This is an important way for companies to get ahead, by letting technology help them create more time for new challenges.”

Applicant Tracking Users Beware

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While applicant tracking has become a mainstay for many companies’ HR departments, users should beware of systems that don’t work properly., the world’s largest alliance of employment Web sites, recently conducted a study that found many applicant tracking systems don’t accurately record what job boards are sending candidates to their clients. This means companies that rely on applicant sourcing reports often have inaccurate information when making online recruiting decisions.

Many of Nicheboards’ clients find applicants through ATS, which are designed to help screen candidates and track their progress through the hiring process. ATS also can record information about hiring trends, including where the best employees come from.