Major Maintenance Planned for April 25

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Main Sequence will be conducting major maintenance in our primary datacenter starting Saturday, April 25 at 10AM EDT (25 April, 2015 2PM UTC/GMT). The work is expected to continue for four to six hours. This major maintenance will include new power systems and internetworking arrangements, requiring power-down of multiple devices and services.

  • During the maintenance work, your internal accounts will be redirected to a Main Sequence secondary datacenter, and will be available for access.
  • Please note that your account will be limited to read-only status during the interval when the primary datacenter is offline.
  • Your IMAP email service will continue to function, but you will be unable to download new messages during the maintenance window.
  • Job applicants may continue to view job postings, but they will receive a maintenance message when attempting to apply during the work period.

Main Sequence plans all maintenance activity to involve the least practical amount of downtime and we regret any inconvenience this work may entail for your organization.

If you have any questions about the work, planning for this maintenance, or any account issues post-restoration, please contact 440-946-5214 ext 3000.. As always, we appreciate your use of PCRecruiter.

Announcing our newest partner, Fee Catcher

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Did you know that recruiters lose an estimated $1,000,000,000 in fees every year when clients hire their candidates and don't tell them? The new integration between PCRecruiter and Fee Catcher helps our users to identify these potential "backdoor hires," ensuring that you get paid for every placement you make. Fee Catcher has already helped clients around the world identify thousands of missed placements worth over $15,000,000 in fees.

Fee Catcher is a reporting service that continuously and automatically monitors your submittals, and tracks the movement of your candidates, notifying you when one is hired so that you never miss a hard-earned fee.

Keeping PCRecruiter users profitable and efficient is one of Main Sequence's highest priorities. We encourage you to schedule a call with Fee Catcher to discuss how they can help increase your revenues.

Click here to schedule a convenient call with Fee Catcher.

PCRecruiter 9.1 Update

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The release of PCRecruiter 9 has been a great success. Over the past few months, hundreds of PCRecruiter users have come online with the new version and the feedback has been tremendously positive. We are pleased to announce the first major update to PCRecruiter 9 has been released to our hosted customers. Included in this update:

  • The Resume Inhaler's 'Connection Settings' panel now accepts PCRecruiter 9 login URLs. No update is required for users of the current Resume Inhaler (v3.3.15)
  • The PCR Capture extension for Google Chrome has been improved to recognize additional data sources.
  • The first version of our new 'Lite Extensions' have been released. The 'Lite' extensions are a responsive-design ready, mobile-friendly job board for PCRecruiter web postings which can be used in place of or in addition to your classic PCRecruiter web extensions. Enabling of this feature may require adjustment of your existing job board implementation, or may not apply to your particular needs with this initial release. See the associated article in our Learning Center for instructions.

Main Sequence wishes you success in 2015

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2014 has been a year filled with excitement here at Main Sequence. In addition to the release of PCRecruiter 9, featuring some of the biggest and most exciting changes to our product in its history, we also enjoyed the blossoming of new partnerships, the welcoming of new team members, and even a few new dogs and babies around the office.

In this year's holiday greeting video (below), we invite you to join us for a look back at how far PCRecruiter has come in the past 18 years of development, from our earliest desktop application, to the web version, to our Portal for MS Outlook, to the all-new PCR 9…

(Video greetings from previous years are available in our Season's Greetings from Main Sequence YouTube Playlist.)

In this season of thanks and goodwill, the entire Main Sequence team sends our warmest regards to our friends, customers, and associates close to home and around the world in 70+ countries. We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2015.

PCRecruiter 9 Release

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PCRecruiter 9 Release

The Main Sequence Technology team proudly to announced the release of PCRecruiter 9 in October 2014. This release was the culmination of a multi-year process to thoroughly modernize and improve PCRecruiter’s user interface, architecture, and functionality, and is the result of countless hours of work by our entire team, with the invaluable partnership and contributions of fifty PCRecruiter 9 beta customers. We thank everyone who helped to create what is the most sweeping and exciting update in our history.


  • Virtually the entire interface is updated to reduce clicking and scrolling, with streamlined common workflows and more intuitive navigation. The release also includes useful new capabilities including the new PCR Capture tool for Facebook, Indeed, and other key social platforms, new single-box quick lookup to retrieve records of any type, and more to come (including mobile-friendly candidate experience, multiple hiring pipelines, and other powerful enhancements). PCRecruiter 9 uses the latest automated development lifecycle tools and coding environments to help us add new features more quickly and efficiently than ever before.


PCR 9 All-New UI

  • PCRecruiter 8 users on can switch immediately! Just fill out this brief form to get started.
  • Customers hosting PCRecruiter on their own hardware are able to install PCR 9. Some fees and feature limitations apply for self-installed clients.


  • As always, Main Sequence strives to maintain maximum comfort and flexibility for our customers, and therefore PCRecruiter version 8 will continue to be available and operational for the foreseeable future.
  • While it is possible to use both PCRecruiter 8 and 9 on the same database, we do not recommend using both versions with the same user login, as custom screen layouts and other user-level preferences updated with PCR 9 are not compatible with older versions.
  • Our new features and engineering efforts are always focused on the current release, so we encourage all of our customers to consider moving to version 9 in the coming year.


  • PCRecruiter 9 is available to all of our customers at no additional charge!
  • Self-installed PCR 8 customers may be assessed an update fee. Ask your PCRecruiter representative.


  • PCRecruiter 9 is designed to perform optimally in the Google Chrome browser and will work on any current Mac or Windows machine.
  • PCRecruiter 9 is also tested for current versions of Safari and Internet Explorer, although limited enhancements may only be available to Chrome users.
  • Functions such as direct resume editing, calendar alarm pop-ups, and file attachment management may not work on older operating systems (e.g. Windows Vista or earlier).

PCR 9 Login


  • The PCRecruiter Portal for Microsoft Outlook and the Resume Inhaler are compatible with PCRecruiter 9. Portal users will need to update/reinstall the plugin.


We look forward to your feedback and to your enjoyment of the best PCRecruiter ever!

Main Sequence Team