Two Minute Tuesday: RingCentral

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Partnered with us since Fall 2015, RingCentral brings SMS and VOIP connectivity to PCRecruiter. If you’re one of the many folks who’ve ask exactly how the two systems work together, this week’s Two Minute Tuesday video is for you!

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Video Transcript

Welcome to this week’s Two Minute Tuesday, Main Sequence’s series of short videos with tips, tricks, and tutorials to make you a more powerful PCRecruiter user.

This week we’ll be looking at how PCRecruiter works with RingCentral, an integrated partner that gives users the ability to launch calls from PCR records, get incoming call popups linking to the matching PCR records, or send SMS text messages to one or multiple recipients at a time, and all with full activity tracking and reporting.

Here’s the RingCentral desktop app popping up, and now PCRecruiter pops up an indicator showing that there are records in my database matching the incoming call’s phone number. Clicking on the popup brings up the names, companies, and jobs bearing that phone number. Now I’ve got instant access to the records relevant to this call.

Well, now that you’ve seen an incoming call, let’s look at the outgoing side of things. If we mouse over any phone field on a record, the icons to call or text appear to the right. If we click on the phone icon, the PCR dialing popup appears with a short countdown, and then launches the RingCentral app to make the call. The popup remains visible so that we can write in some activity text while we’re on the call.

If we click on the SMS icon, the dialer window appears and we can select from the available phone numbers on the record to send a text message. We’ll click on the mobile number, which launches a fresh text message window in the RingCentral app.

Any calls or texts you which make on your RingCentral phone number, whether from a PCRecruiter screen, RingCentral’s interface, or the RingCentral mobile app, will generate activities on any record in your database matching the phone number. This means that you can keep your business communications and contacts separate from your personal cell number and still do your job on the go. Call and text logs from RingCentral are synchronized back to PCRecruiter’s Activities every few minutes, so now if we check back into the Activities area, we’ll see the inbound call, outbound call and text message have all been listed.

If we want to send the same text to multiple recipients at the same time, which can be helpful in notifying several candidates about a new opening, updating people on the status of a job, and so forth, we need to start by getting the recipients’ permission to include them in our bulk SMS messages. Check your local laws and regulations on bulk texting.

When RingCentral is enabled, a new Form Letter is added to the system which can be sent to your contacts, asking them to text the word Subscribe or Unsubscribe to your unique RingCentral number. The resulting Opt In list can be found and worked with by searching for SMS in the System area.

The bulk SMS option appears in the Action menu on your Rollup Lists and Search Results. You’ll select the records you want and click the SMS icon. The popup window indicates whether any of the people selected aren’t currently opted into your bulk texts, with the option to send the pre-defined invitation Form Letter to them automatically from this screen. To send a text to those who have opted in, you’ll just fill in the box with your message and click “Send”. RingCentral queues them up and sends them as individual texts from your phone number so that the recipients can text or call back.

If you’d like to get started with RingCentral and PCRecruiter, contact your Main Sequence representative for all the details.

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PCRecruiter Webinar with HIRABL & RingCentral

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On December 2, 2015, Main Sequence presented a webinar with our partners from HIRABL and RingCentral.

In this 45-minute double-header, Jon Guidi, Founder/CRO of HIRABL, talks about how their service can help track down ‘back door hires,’ which result in millions of dollars in lost placement fees every year. Then, RingCentral Solutions Engineer Derek Hanson talks about their powerful voice and texting system, which adds VOIP/SMS features into your PCRecruiter toolbox.

The HIRABL portion begins around the 2 minute mark, and RingCentral begins around 17 minutes, followed by a demo of how RingCentral works inside of PCR at the 36 minute mark.

Webinar December 2: Hirabl & RingCentral

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Join Main Sequence’s Drew Rothman and HIRABL’s Jon Guidi for this informal webinar to learn about Fee Catcher and RingCentral, two of PCRecruiter’s most exciting recent partnerships.

1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST on Wednesday, December 2.

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Hirabl - Creators of Fee CatcherRecruiters lose an estimated $1,000,000,000 (one billion!) in fees every year when clients hire their candidates and don’t tell them (often called “backdoor hires”).

HIRABL created Fee Catcher, a service that tracks the movement of your candidates and notifies you when one is hired so that you never miss a hard-earned fee. They have already helped PCR clients identify and collect “backdoor hires” worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and have developed services to track candidate and hiring manager movements that deliver high-value sales leads to recruiters worldwide.

The automated back-door checks save us dozens of hours of staff time, and the constant upgrading of the interface and offerings provide more ROI for us all the time. In our first six months, one of their back door catches turned into a $30K placement fee for us! — Paul Silitsky, CEO, answerQUEST

RingCentralRingCentral’s all-inclusive cloud phone system features HD video meetings, unified voice, fax, text, and audio conferencing, and delivers the high quality, reliability, and value expected by enterprise businesses.

PCRecruiter’s new direct integration with RingCentral allows users to click to dial or text from any contact record in the database, making more dials faster. Call attempts are automatically recorded as activity records, making it easier than ever to report on your communications with contacts and candidates. And when you receive an incoming call, the matching records in PCR are automatically loaded to prepare you for the call.

Quick Start Video for Scout Users

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PCRecruiter has been partnered with Scout Exchange for over a year, and many PCRecruiter users have enjoyed improvements in productivity, time-to-fill, with access to hundreds of new clients and jobs through their recruitment marketplace. Scout connects employers with recruiters to deliver opportunities matched to their individual recruitment expertise and results. Best of all, Scout integration is available to PCRecruiter users at no cost.

For those of you already using Scout, we’ve created this 5-minute tutorial, which should help you to on-board new recruiters more easily.

If you’d like to learn more about getting started with Scout, send an email to with your name, company name, and contact information. A representative will respond to initiate the setup.

PCRecruiter Webinar with

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This afternoon we were pleased to present a webinar with Becky Marks, Channel Manager at, about their partnership with Main Sequence / PCRecruiter, and an exciting limited-time promotional offer they’ve got for our users.

For those who couldn’t attend the session, we’ve posted a video of the event (40 minutes) here:

To sign up for sponsorship or to get more info from Indeed, see