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Configurable Placements, Paychex Export

Written by Andrew Rothman on . Posted in PCR Updates

Main Sequence will be releasing a new update to our PCRecruiter hosting servers this week which contains major upgrades to the Placement features, among other general tweaks and improvements.

You’ll have time-saving Placement Form Letters, Custom Placement Fields for storing non-standard placement data, as well as the ability to configure your own Placement record layout for maximum efficiency, just as you’ve been able to do with name, company, and job screens.

In addition, we’ve also updated the CSV export utility for Paychex users, and added a ‘Quick Upload’ resume replacement option in the PCR Portal for MS Outlook (download that update here).

An overview of what’s new can be seen in this short video:

If you have any questions, contact

Introducing PCRecruiter Analytics

Written by Andrew Rothman on . Posted in PCR Updates

We’re pleased to announce the public release of the PCRecruiter Analytics engine, which gives you a comprehensive graphic representation of your recruiting KPIs with goal tracking for individuals and teams with regularly emailed reports.

With the Analytics, managers can combine recruiter activity and pipeline data into customizable metrics and generate easily understood charts.

Check out the video below for an overview, and contact your Main Sequence representative for details and pricing for activation on your account.

Timesheets Added to Public API

The PCRecruiter API (application programming interface) is the connection point through which external software can securely connect to a PCRecruiter database.

With this week’s update, Main Sequence has added connection points for the contractor timesheet areas of PCRecruiter to our public API. Given these new methods, authorized third-party software developers and service providers can now send and receive content related to these areas of the database.

If you are using the PCRecruiter timesheets and are interested in synchronizing your timesheet data with an external system, you’ll want to notify that service or your independent developer of this expanded offering.

PCRecruiter Update: SEEK, LogicMelon, PCR Canvas

Written by Andrew Rothman on . Posted in PCR Updates

The first PCRecruiter update of the new year is here! Our development team has now shifted to a more rapid deployment schedule, which should mean smaller, more frequent update releases than we’ve had in the past. Check out the overview video and read on for more below.

We’re excited about the first few items to come out. One that’ll be very big for those of you in Oceania is our new direct-posting connection with SEEK. The new posting integration means:

  • Immediate live posting on SEEK – no wait time for candidates to see your jobs.
  • Edit and Delete jobs straightaway.
  • Improved custom templates.

To get started, reach out to Main Sequence’s International Sales Consultant, Ryan Wilson –
AU: +61 2 8005 8517 or NZ: +64 9889 0617


We’ve also added direct integration with LogicMelon, which allows recruiters to post jobs to multiple destinations, including 2,000+ job boards, social media sites,and niche sites. Track all of your posting activity in one centralized location. Our integration allows job and candidate information to flow seamlessly and creates a single solution for a recruiter’s needs.

For more information, visit LogicMelon.

PCRecruiter Canvas

PCRecruiter Canvas is where our product development team can present ‘sketches’ of potential projects under consideration, allowing us to ‘canvas’ you for feedback. By getting PCR users’ input earlier in the process, our team can better define projects, or make decisions about which ones ought to be developed at all.

Look for the first Canvas posting later this week!

Notification Banner

As part of our broader effort to better communicate with our users about new or proposed changes and features, we’ve created a notification banner that will appear whenever you log into PCRecruiter if there are feature updates (like this one) or PCR Canvas postings that you haven’t seen yet.

Notification Banner

If any new feature postings or PCR Canvas postings are available when you log in, the banner will appear. You can either click on the banner to review the new posting, or click the ‘Close’ option to dismiss the banner. If you neither view nor dismiss the banner, it’ll appear every time you log in until you take some sort of action. You can always get to the latest feature postings from the PCRecruiter login screen or directly on our blog.

Launch MenuThe notification banner checks for features or product update postings will appear on a ‘once per day’ schedule until you have either viewed or dismissed the most recent two update notices. PCR Canvas postings will appear on a ‘once every five days’ schedule until you have either viewed or dismissed all queued PCR Canvas postings. Once you have dismissed or viewed all postings, you can still get back to them via the small launch menu at the upper right corner of your PCRecruiter main menu.

Third-Party Integrations with LinkMatch and TextRecruit

Written by Andrew Rothman on . Posted in Partnerships, PCR Updates

The PCRecruiter API (application programming interface) makes it easy for third-party developers to create connections to PCRecruiter databases. We’d like to call your attention to a couple of cool recent integrations built by other vendors.
TextRecruit is a centralized texting platform that helps recruiters engage in two-way texting communication with candidates and employees, stay compliant, and track messaging history. Once you’ve installed the TextRecruit extension for Google Chrome, you can  add phone numbers to your TextRecruit account directly from PCRecruiter records for messaging and analysis within TextRecruit. Below, you’ll find a demonstration video from TextRecruit. For more info, visit


LinkMatch makes searching LinkedIn for candidates simpler, easier, and faster by telling you which candidates are already in PCRecruiter. The LinkMatch Chrome browser plugin highlights the contacts you see on LinkedIn with a red or green indicator to show whether they match an existing record in your PCR Database, and allows you to modify or update the record within the popup window. For more info, visit

More integrations are always being worked on. If you’ve got a favorite third-party utility, let them know that your ATS has an open API they can build on!

Note: The above products were developed without the direct involvement of Main Sequence Technology / PCRecruiter. Any questions regarding pricing or functionality should be directed to the vendor.