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What makes a truly great workplace?


At Main Sequence, we believe a great job experience takes place at four key levels:

Autonomy means you don’t get hassled for hassle’s sake. It means that your boundaries are respected, your comfort counts for something, and you are not subject to any more random bullying than the rest of the world has to suffer. Like anything of real value, Autonomy is not free. Self-governance is sometimes hard work and painful compromise. Accountability is the inescapable companion of Autonomy. To work well at Main Sequence, it helps to be a person who very much likes things their own way, but who can quickly get over it when things go in other directions.

Mastery means you are good at what you do, and you are getting better, or doing more. Everyone who sticks at Main Sequence is a star in their own ways, but all bring net economic value to Main Sequence customers. Every role is constantly evaluated to help stretch the value ultimately delivered. If you have potential or desire, we want to see it realized. One of the joys of smaller enterprises is the abundance of opportunity to grow, because there is always more work to do than can be done. The price of Mastery is that it’s hard to accomplish. It comes from character, circumstance, and some luck.

Purpose means that what you are doing brings some good to the world. At Main Sequence, our purpose is to help organizations better master their recruiting functions. Better recruiting means better matches of people and jobs, better economic performance, and better results professionally for our customers and employees.

Economic Rewards are important. Money talks. If you are not getting paid, everything can be lovely, but it’s not a great job. Although cash speaks loudest, creative and pleasing perks help with quality of life. The economic thinking at Main Sequence is biased toward long-term wealth creation and sustainability. Main Sequence knows that employees do the best work when focused and secure, which means ensuring that compensation meets the unique needs of each person.

Life at Main Sequence is about doing good work, getting paid, enjoying some perks, respecting people, and building something that will last. A few laughs along the way are icing on the cake.

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