The Executive Wing
Job Title Sales Representative (Inside Sales)
Location Ingersoll
Job Type Full-Time Regular
Job Description



The Sales Representative is responsible to work hand in hand with the Commercial Department and commercial manager to support day to day operations and sales activities under the direction of the Commercial Manager. Customer relations will be major role for this position. The Commercial department represents the Company in all area of customer supply, customer concerns and quality issues (with the assistance of the QA department).

He/she will help and assist the customer with any and all needs. Assist in working as part of cross-functional team to inform and communicate with all appropriate departments. Communication internal and externally is important. Assisting in keeping up on customer parts information such as, but not limited to, program information for each part, build out information, obsolete parts, and increase and/or decrease in parts the end of production schedule.




Ø  Current and potential customer site visits to reinforce the Company image and to discuss expansion of our business with the customer. Establishing new contracts and investigating new area for possible business development under the direction of Commercial Manager.

Ø  Process customer RFQ request and prepare customer quotation for submission. Assist Purchasing as necessary to source product based on inquiry received from Commercial Department which can include but is not limited to the customer’s request for quotation, the customer’s requirement forecast and indication from Commercial department through RFQ process.

Ø  Conduct contract reviews and ensure all requirements identified by the customer are communicated to all departments and clarify any unknown or unclear requirements with the customer prior to acceptance of an order to allow efficient and convenient retrieval of the information.

Ø  Manage new product launches using NPIR/ECN process with the assistance of the QA department.

Ø  Work with customers and the Commercial department when ECN’s are issued to establish acceptable break points. Monitor to ensure conformance of break points and minimize costs.

Ø  Regular reviews of customer order/release/forecast for changes and communicate these changes to the customer and to all departments. Assist as necessary to negotiate with suppliers to expedite stock to ensure to avoid shortage and maintain customer satisfaction.

Ø  Maintain customer requirements portfolio as a reference for all other departments as to the customer’s requirements. Addition of new customers and changes to current customer’s requirements must be completed in a timely manner to ensure all departments are always up to date on each customer’s requirements.

Ø  Regular communication with Commercial department to convey new product request for quotes, customer requirements, customer driven changes and potential cost savings which enable Commercial department to properly procure conforming product in a timely fashion to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Ø  Identification of cancelled and non-carry over items for current item and communicate of these issues to Commercial department to avoid excess inventory levels. Work with Commercial department and Management with the disposition of dead stock in a timely fashion.

Ø  Enter and update customer contracts in Navision.

Ø  Expanding product knowledge to understand reasonable pricing, suggest cost saving ideas to Co personnel and suppliers and to have a better understanding of the product being purchased. In addition, expand knowledge of the Company’s subcontractors which may include, but is not limited to, visiting the subcontractor, reading literature on the subcontractor or communication with subcontractor on a wide range of issues.

Ø  Perform other tasks as assigned by management.




Ø  Possess a Post-Secondary Education in a related field or equivalent.

Ø  Experience for automotive sales / supply is beneficial.

Ø  Strong computer skills.

Ø  Motivated/Independent worker to achieve sales and divisional/corporate goals in a timely fashion is a key attribute.

Ø  Possess excellent communication skills both written and oral.

Ø  Demonstrated ability to multi-task and meet quality expectations.

Ø  Possess the desire and drive to expand ones knowledge and pursue new procedures, practice and policies to meet the changing needs/expectations of the industry and/or customer.

Ø  Must be able to work in a team oriented environment.

Ø  Travel as needed.

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