Job Title Electronic Records Specialist
Location New York, NY
Job Type Full-Time Regular
Job Description

Records Mobility Coordinator

New York, NY


The Record Mobility Coordinator is responsible for implementing the Firm’s policies and processes for the transfer of electronic and physical client matter records into and from the Firm associated with legal personnel arrivals and departures, by liaising with incoming and departing legal personnel and other associated law firms, legal departments or corporations. The Record Mobility Coordinator is also involved in coordinating the return of records to clients upon request or at the conclusion of any engagement. The Records Mobility Coordinator may also coordinate movement of physical records between offices and within the Firm and between various IT systems used for the storage and use of client and Firm records.

Primary Responsibilities:

Implements the Firm’s Records Department Legal Personnel Arrival and Departure policies and processes regarding the transfer of client matter records into and out of the Firm.

Coordinates records transfer processes with arriving legal personnel; coordinates meetings, explains and educates arriving personnel on processes and requirements, and communicates with records personnel from which inbound records originate about transfer.

Arranges for transfer or transport of records, using secure channels or communication and data transfer, according to data handling and security protocols.

Ensures inbound records are correctly classified and assigned to the correct client matter within all applicable Firm systems.

Imports electronic records into document management and other Firm IT systems.

Ensures inbound physical records are inventoried in the record-keeping, document management and other applicable systems, including by ensuring records are digitized, if applicable.

In conjunction with the Firm’s compliance functions, ensures correct retention schedules apply to inbound records.

Ensures client requests for return or transfer of records are properly and timely processed and that transfer to client processes are followed and documented.

Performs database searches, audits and record reviews to ensure records are imported and exported according to applicable criteria.

Secures client awareness and consent for records transfer processes.

Coordinates and documents approval for all record transfer activities.

Ensures all transfer requests are timely documented, and that transfer is implemented in accordance with the Firm’s security and data handling policy and protocols.

Reviews shipping bills of lading and invoices for accuracy and ensures correct handling and processing.

Manages and coordinates Records Mobility staff activities, including providing feedback and direction, and preparing staff evaluations as directed.

Performs or coordinates transfer audits, as necessary.

Principal liaison with counterparty law firms on transfer initiatives, and with personnel from other offices where inter-office mobility is required.

Develops reports for the Firm’s management as scheduled or requested.

Serves as a resource to answer questions regarding the transfer and movement of client and Firm records.

Primary Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree required.

5+ years’ experience in records or information governance with an emphasis on the management, organization and movement of electronic records into and out of document management systems.

Strong computer and database skills with knowledge of records-specific content management systems.

Proficient in ordinary MS Office productivity applications, and experience using SharePoint or other collaborative file sharing systems.

Ability to access, input, analyze, and retrieve information from various computer applications and to learn and utilize new applications on an expedited basis.

Highly developed organizational skills and attention to detail.

Advanced communication and written skills.

Excellent organization, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Excellent interpersonal and strong leadership skills.

Able to handle multiple projects and priorities simultaneously with a high degree of accuracy, professionalism and client-service orientation.

Possess a commitment to deliver the highest quality service to internal and external customers.