Job Title Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Location Cincinnati, OH
Job Description



The Empower Group is an independent network of agencies focusing on building brands and business for our clients.  Agencies include, Empower MediaMarketing, Powerhouse Factories and Magnetic Content Studios.  Each member agency has a specialty, but we play well together as a single seamless team across our network.  Our clients choose the right mix of services for their unique needs and our agencies adapt in size and scope.



The Empower Group (TEG) is seeking a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to oversee technological & digital innovation for our agencies and our clients.  . Externally, the candidate will ensure that we are leading the clients with innovative solutions to their problems. Internally, the candidate will lead technology strategies for client projects, oversee the team and oversee infrastructure initiatives to ensure our associates have access to equipment and support to perform their jobs. At the end of the day, the candidate will push for innovation both internally and externally to ensure we are applying technology to solve client problems and that our clients understand the value of these solutions.



The ideal candidate will be responsible for three critical objectives across The Empower Group:

(1) Promote innovative technological thinking among clients and colleagues.

(2) Lead internal development teams in exceptional execution of client work

(3) Create alignment between our internal infrastructure team and development teams across all entities of TEG.

·         Promote innovative thinking among clients and colleagues

·         Build and lead an innovative and client-focused team focused that can bring forward and lead digital thinking to clients

·         Educate internal teams about the role and potential of technology within other marketing efforts

·         Provide technological perspective and leadership in business development efforts

·         Translate technology discussions for clients within the context of larger marketing discussions

·         Communicate how clients can adapt new and emerging technologies to solve real-world business problems

·         Lead internal technology & development teams

·         Lead and shape The Empower Group’s technology vision

·         Create Tight partnership between technology, creative strategy, consumer experience and other practice areas within the business such that out clients see holistic strategies and not point solutions

·         Act as the senior leader for technology staff and decision making

·         Work with internal teams to determine development capabilities and offerings across TEG

·         Facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continual improvement across teams within TEG


·         Create alignment between internal infrastructure and development teams

·         Oversee the IT department and development of projects to advance Group objectives

·         Prioritize and coordinate internal IT/ infrastructure needs across TEG

·         Provide leadership, planning and management for IT strategy, development, and implementation

·         Revise existing IT policies and procedures, including storage, maintenance, equipment usage, access controls, data recovery, and security

·         Create new policies and procedures as required for tracking the creation, flow and storage of records and data assets

·         Establish and oversee partner contracts for services that can meet company needs seamlessly and cost-effectively



·       Knowledge of and experience with an expansive list of digital channels and platforms, including, but not limited to: web, social, mobile, email, e-commerce, search, digital media, content, and analytics

·       Proven management skills in technology services (application development, application architecture, web design development, front & back end development, UI/UX, e-commerce, content management, interactive marketing, etc.)

·       Solid familiarity with corporate IT responsibilities, including, but not limited to: storage, networking, server hardware, security, and asset management

·       Deep understanding of IT security concerns and mitigation strategies

·       Experience recruiting, hiring, developing, and supervising staff

·       Experience managing department budgets, both for physical expense (hardware, software) and human capitol (headcount, freelance, contract)

·       Demonstrated leadership skills with the ability to lead teams and develop solutions

·       Experience managing complex technology projects from inception to completion

·       Superior listening skills and creative problem-solving skills

·       Strong verbal and written communication skills; effective presentation skills



  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems, Marketing, Technology etc.

·         Minimum 10 years experience in a Marketing Agency or similar Marketing Services environment

·         Master of Business Administration, Science in Management or Marketing are  strongly encouraged