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NexGoal is an athlete focused executive search firm. Please fill out this application to the best of your ability as we do want to know your athletic background. However, if you are not a former athlete please continue with the application to be considered for the position you are applying for.
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Student Athletes: By checking "Yes", you as a student athlete are representing yourself to NexGoal as being finished with your playing eligibility. Even though there is no fee associated with NexGoal’s placement services, current NCAA athletes enrolled in classes must be finished with their NCAA playing eligibility to engage our services.

Pro athletes/former pro/ NCAA alumni athletes please check the “Yes” box for this question, as your NCAA playing eligibility has expired.

Please see the NCAA rule 12.3.1 pertaining to working with “agents” representing athletes for pro athletics or job placement.
NexGoal offers career placement services for former collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes. We also provide the same services for qualified individuals who did not play sports at that level as well.

Please select from the checklist below the sports which you've played. If you did not play one of these sports at the collegiate or professional level, please check that box and continue on with the application!

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