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Accurate Numerical Simulations & Model Development
Acoustic and Electro-Optic Propogation
Adapting Machine Learning for Army Research
Adaptive Instructional Science
Adaptive/Cooperative Protection Module Integration
Advanced Electromagnetic Measurement
Advanced Energy Storage Chemistries
Advanced Microcombustion Concepts
Advanced Photovoltaic Device Processing and Charac
Advanced Power Electronics Packaging and Thermal M
Aerodynamics MAV Research
Aeromechanics and Applied Mathematics
Aerosol Characterization by Laser Spectroscopy
Aerospace Power Transmission Component Research
Affordable, Multifunctional Materials for Improved
Ambient Aerosol Characterization
Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Systems
Atmospheric Bioaerosol Characterization
Atmospheric, Biological, Organic & Chemical
Augmenting Threat Analysis With Intelligent Agents
Autonomous Networked Systems Cognitive Networks
Autonomous Squad Member
Ballistic Modeling and Effects
Ballistic Structure Research
Behavior and Mechanics of Rate-Activated Tethers
Beyond Li-ion Battery Materials
Bioinspired Devices and Sensors
BLAC Mirror Project
Catalysis and Reaction Technology
Ceramic Synthesis and Processing
Ceramic Synthesis and Processing Using High Energy
Characterization of Human Variability
Characterization of the response of biological
Chemical Synthesis and/or Waste Remediation
Chemistry to Develop Additive Manufacturing Polyme
Chlorination Studies on 2D material doping
Coaxial-Rotor Helicopter Analysis and Testing
Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Modeling
Collaborative Intelligent Systems
Complex Cyber-Physical System Behavior
Computational and Information Sciences
Computational Materials Science
Computational Materials Science - Multi-Scale Mode
Computational methodologies- real-space density
Computational Modeling of Multiphysical Fields
Computational Modeling of Neural Systems for Trans
Constitutive/Failure Models
Corrosion of electrochemically deposited lightweig
Coupled Vortex Transport Method and RANS CFD for V
Decision-Making and Decision Support
Development of III-Nitride Near Ultraviolet VECSEL
Diamond RF Transistor Technology
Diffraction Analysis of Energetic and Propellant M
Direct Chemical-to-Mechanical Artificial Muscles
Dynamic Response of Structural Material Fabricated
Dynamical Systems Modeling of Human States
EEG Signal Processing and Analysis
Effect of Signal Processing on Auditory Spatial Pe
Effect of Structure on the Deformation/Failure
Efficient Computational Methods for Aeroelastic Si
Efficient mid-IR solid-state laser
Electro-Mechanical Materials Processing
Electromagnetic Models for RF MetaFerrite Devices
Electromechanical Modeling and Design
Endogenous and exogenous sources of variability in
Engineer-Scientist for Distributed Mixed-Agent
Engineer/Scientist: Sensor Modeling
Enhanced Efficiency of Thermoelectric Applications
Enhancing Performance of Human-Robot Interaction (
Experimental Cognition in Adaptive Automation
Experimental Shock Physics /Energetic & Explosive
Experimentalist in Microwave Photonics
Fluorescence and Photophysical Observation
Fundamental Research in Prognostics and Diagnostic
Fundamental Research in Propulsion Material State
Fundamental Research in Propulsion Materials
Growth and Analysis of Organometallic Vapor Phase
Gurney energy characterization at the lab-scale
High Power Solid-State Laser Science and Tech
High Rate Experimental Mechanics
High Speed Data Converters for RF Front Ends
High-Efficiency Gas Turbine Engine Components
Hostile Fire Indication
HPC Technologies for Scientific Applications
Human Robot Interaction Team
Human System Integration & Social Cultural Analysi
Human System Integration –Modeling and Tool Dev.
Human-Autonomy Teaming and Agent Transparency
Hybrid Electric Aerospace Propulsion
Hydrogen Bonded 2-Dimensional Polymers
Immersive Auditory Environments
Information Fusion over Sources of Unknown Reliabi
Information Science/Human Information Interaction
Infrared Polarimetric/Multispectral Imaging
Integrated Optics for Communications
Integration for High Speed Data Conversion
Intelligent Atmospheric Optical Systems
Intelligent Autonomy of Small Robots
Intelligent Energy Research
Intelligent Networked Systems
Interaction between cognitive and physical fatigue
Interactive Visualization
Interdisciplinary Biotechnology/Engineering
Interferometry-Based Miniaturized Kolsky Bar
Investigating how cognitive states modulate perfor
Investigation of Emerging Instructional Technologi
Investigation on the Effect of Altitude on UAV Eng
Journeyman for separation and quantification of me
Kill Assessment for Ballistic Missile Intercepts
Laser Based Investigation of the Turbulent Combust
Light Scattering by Nonspherical Particles
Machine Learning Algorithms for Brain Computer Int
Machine Learning for State Estimation
Machine learning with applications to diagnostics,
Material Behavior
Materials for Soldier Physical Augmentation
Math approaches to Cyber Physical System Security
Mathematical Studies on Quantum Physics
Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline and Ultra
MEMS-scale Pyrotechnic Materials
Meso-scale modeling of materials processing
Metals Additive Manufacturing
Metrics and Performance Analysis in Intrusion
Microscale Atomspheric Modeling
Military Injury Biomechanics
Mindfulness meditation for enhanced attentional co
MOCVD growth of REBCO superconductors
Modeling & Simulation of Electromagnetic Structure
Modeling and characterization of 2D materials
Modeling and Simulation for Power Transfer
Modeling and Simulations of Active Protection Syst
Modeling and Simulations of Armor Ceramics
Modeling Electrodeposition & Electrochemical Inter
Modeling Techniques to Enable Interactive Analysis
Multi-modal Sensor Fusion and Sensor Networks
Multi-modal, multi-resolution, multi-source state
Multilingual Computing and Analysis
Multimodal Sensor Fusion for Hidden Target Detecti
Multiscale deformation mechanisms due to ballistic
Multisensory Integration and Perception
Mutli-Material Additive Manufacturing
Network Science
Network Science: Social Networks and Cognitive Fac
Nonlinear Optical Materials Characterization
Novel Optoelectronic Photonic Devices
Numerical Modeling-Study of Efficient Robots
Optical Techniques for Detection of Bioaerosols
Physics of Semiconductor Microstructures
Portably obtaining purified bioenergy
Power Conditioning for Pyroelectric Energy Harvest
Predicting human behavior
Predicting individual differences in performance
Process parameter optimization
Programmable Network Research
Projectile Aerodynamics
Quantification and prediction of brain-body state
Quantum Networks
Rational Catalyst Design
Real-world Neuroimaging Technologies
Research and Development of Anomaly Detection
Research on High-Energy Density
Research on High-Energy-Density Dielectrics and Ca
Resource-Constrained Image/video Analytics
RF Sensors for Concealed and Low Signature Target
Robotic Swarm Autonomy
Rotocraft Transmission - Postdoc Research
Rotor Morphing Technologies For Improved Rotorcraf
Science of Cyber Security
Scientist/Engineer: Distributed Systems State
Security Models for SCADA and other Industrial Con
Semiconductor Lasers, Detectors, and Optoelectroni
Semiconductor materials for infrared and electroni
Signature exploitation/reduction
Silicon Carbide for Solid-State Qubits, Opto-Elect
Silicon Integrated Photonics for Imaging
Simulation and Analysis for Synthetic Metabolism
Simulations for polymer design under external fiel
Software-defined Radios for Radar and Spectrum Sen
Soldiers Teaming with Adaptive Agent Technology (S
Solid State Structures for Quantum Sensing and Qua
Solid-state Qubits and Integrated Quantum Hybrid
Sparse signal decomposition
Spectroelectrochemical studies on Kinetics
Statistical Methods in Ballistic Modeling
Structural Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials
Swashplateless Flight Control
Synthesis and Processing Science for Next Generati
Synthesis of Metastable Materials at High Pressure
Synthetic Biology Postdoctoral Fellowships
Tactile & Bone Conduction Communication
Team Assessment and Leadership Knowledge
Technology Improvement Studies of Rotorcraft Trans
The Real-Time Assessment of Humans in Operational
Theoretical and analytical guidance technologies
Thermomechanical Processing & Characterization
Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing
Tribological Modeling
Tribological Studies of Rotorcraft Transmission Co
Tribology and Lubrication Science for High Perform
Trust and Decision Dynamics in Networks
Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Advanced Light-Matter
Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles
Using semantic knowledge and heuristics to support
Vehicle Technology Postdoc
Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Wireless Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting
Positions Available in the Following Locations:
FL - Orlando
IL - Chicago
MD - Aberdeen Proving Ground
MD - Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
MD - Adelphi
NM - White Sands Missile Range
NY - West Point
OH - Cleveland
TX - College Station
TX - Dallas
VA - Hampton
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