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Acoustic and Electro-Optic Propagation
Adapting Machine Learning for Army Research
Advanced Bearings for Oil-Free Compact Turbomachin
Advanced nanocatalyst materials for Artificial Mus
Advanced Physics Based Models for Next Generation
Aeroelasticity of Turbochargers for Airborne
Aerosol Characterization by Laser Spectroscopy
Agents Leveraging Learning for Intelligent Engagem
Alternative coating systems for DOD platforms
Ambient Aerosol Characterization
AMO Quantum Science Research
Applying statistical design of experiments methods
ARL Soft Armor Research
ARL-North East: Topological Materials and Interfac
ARL-West: Topological Materials and Interfacial
Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Systems
Atmospheric Bioaerosol Characterization
Atmospheric, Biological, Organic & Chemical
Bioinspired Devices and Sensors
Characterization of Human Variability
Chemical Engineer Fellowship w/ARL at Northeastern
Coaxial-Rotor Helicopter Analysis and Testing
Collaborative Intelligent Systems
Complex Cyber-Physical System Behavior & Trade-off
Complex Cyber-Physical System Behavior and Trade-o
Computational & Info Sciences Summer Experience
Computational and Information Sciences
Computational Materials Science
Computational Materials Science - Multi-Scale Mode
Computational Modeling of Material Failure
Coordinated Tactical Movement
Cyber Resiliency and Training
Development of Multi-fuel Combustion
Diamond RF Transistor Technology
Diffraction Analysis of Energetic and Propellant M
Direct Chemical-to-Mechanical Artificial Muscles
Distributed and Reconfigurable Beamforming for Tar
Dynamic Response of Structural Material Fabricated
Efficient Computational Methods for Aeroelastic Si
Electro-Mechanical Materials Processing
Endogenous and exogenous sources of variability
Engineer-Scientist Fellow for Distributed Mixed-Ag
Engineer/Scientist Fellowship: Sensor Modeling
Enhancing Performance of Human-Robot Interaction (
Experimental Cognition in Adaptive Automation
Experimental Research in High-Performance Fiber
Experimental Shock Physics /Energetic & Explosive
Foundations of Learning Systems
Fuel Composition Effects on Ignition & Combustion
Fundamental Research in Prognostics and Diagnostic
High-Efficiency Gas Turbine Engine Components
High-Performance electron transport at interfaces
High-speed Camera Pixel Analysis
Hybrid Electric Aerospace Propulsion
Information Science/Human Information Interaction
Integrated Optics for Communications
Intelligent Autonomy of Small Robots
Interdisciplinary Mechanics
Investigation on the Effect of Altitude on UAV Eng
Laser Based Investigation of the Turbulent Combust
Machine Learning for State Estimation
Machine learning with applications to diagnostics,
Materials for Soldier Physical Augmentation
Materials Research for Impact Protection
Math approaches to Cyber Physical System Security
Metals Additive Manufacturing
Metrics and Performance Analysis in Intrusion
Modeling and Simulation for Power Transfer
Modeling and Simulations of Active Protection Syst
Modeling and Simulations of Armor Ceramics
Multi-modal, multi-resolution, multi-source state
Multiscale deformation mechanisms due to ballistic
Networking, Information Management & Decision Supp
Next Generation UAV Platform Mechanics
Novel Optoelectronic Photonic Devices
Object tracking and detection in dynamic scenes
Optimization and Characterization of Metals
Photonic Integrated Circuits Modulated by Piezoele
Portably obtaining purified bioenergy
Postdoctoral Fellow in Machine Learning for Materi
Predicting human behavior
Quantification of structural and functional change
Quantum Networks
Real-world Neuroimaging Technologies
Robotic Locomotion and Whole Body Manipulation
Robotic Teaming
Rotocraft Transmission - Postdoc Research
Rotor Morphing Technologies For Improved Rotorcraf
Rotorcraft Comprehensive Analysis
Scientist/Engineer: Distributed Systems State
Signature exploitation/reduction
Silicon Carbide for Solid-State Qubits, Opto-Elect
Technology Improvement Studies of Rotorcraft Trans
Theoretical and analytical guidance technologies
Timescales in Cybernetic Systems
Tribological Modeling
Tribological Studies of Rotorcraft Transmission Co
Tribology and Lubrication Science for High Perform
Uncertainty Quantification for Machine Learning
Uncertainty-Aware AI&ML for Information Fusion
Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles
Variable Energy Assisted Compression Ignition
Vehicle Technology Postdoc
Positions Available in the Following Locations:
CA - Los Angeles
IL - Chicago
IL - University of Illinois- Urbana
MA - Boston
MD - Aberdeen Proving Ground
MD - Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
MD - Adelphi
NY - West Point
OH - Cleveland
TX - College Station
VA - Hampton
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