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Staffing Agency Solutions

PCRecruiter staffing software combines a powerful group of sales force automation and contact management features into a flexible enterprise solution for staffing agencies, as well as temporary and permanent placement firms.

Staffing agencies use PCRecruiter software to manage clients, candidates and positions in a single, relational database, gaining powerful control over the entire recruitment process. With convenient access to your staffing database from any web browser, plus optional integrated email and VOIP features, PCRecruiter allows you and your team to work in the field with all the power of the main office.

With PCRecruiter, you can quickly determine which contractors are on and off assignment at any time, and can track placement of multiple contractors to any position (when a placement is made, the available number of openings is automatically reduced). You can also quickly generate a list of candidates that are coming off of an assignment within the coming days.

And of course, you gain all of the same powerful features that PCRecruiter offers as a recruitment CRM, such as working calling lists, posting jobs to the web and receiving candidate inquiries instantly, and standard management metrics and workflow control. PCRecruiter is a complete staffing software suite that goes wherever you are.

Optional Timesheet Management

Timesheets can be customized at the company, position, or assignment level. Expenses can also be tracked by assignment. PCRecruiter also tracks burden and per diem rates by state. When complete, each time sheet automatically calculates gross profit, hourly gross profit and AGP. If you need to export your timesheet data to external payroll systems, such as Quickbooks, PCRecruiter has you covered.

Collect timesheets from your contractors via a web browser portal (desktop or mobile) and view a list of those who have completed a timesheet. Contractors who haven’t completed a timesheet can be ‘nudged’ by email. Field managers can log in to a web portal to view and approve the timesheets.

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