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Help Request System

PCRECRUITER USERS: Your organization must have an assigned Company ID and Password to access the S.O.S. Help Desk. This login information is the same for all PCRecruiter users in your organization, and is not the same as your database login. If you have not used the Help Desk S.O.S. before, or have forgotten your company's login information click here to have the login and password emailed to you.

You may also use our Support Request form.

If you are in need of immediate assistance, you may call the Help desk at (440) 946-5214 ext. 3000 between 8a.m. and 5p.m. EST.

DEVELOPERS: If you are a software developer and need assistance with the PCRecruiter API, please do not submit a ticket, as our product trainers and support team are unable to assist with API questions. Please seek assistance from our development team via our API support area at