Human Resources

Empowering HR sourcers with the pro recruiter’s tools

Human Resources recruiting often faces a challenge based on markets and models: the balance of needs between Applicant Tracking and CRM.  Sometimes one is needed more than the other. Too many ATS implementations have produced substandard results because the selected solution could not handle active recruiting, or conversely, a recruiting database could not meet legal compliance or corporate reporting requirements.

PCRecruiter Web offers a complete solution for both management of passive talent AND applicant flow. The combination of applicant tracking and CRM tools create  a powerful center for your entire process, facilitating creation of talent pools, requisition submittal, approval, and posting right on through to on-line job inquiries and hire logging, including key administrative metrics, dynamic candidate questionnaires, and connection to third-party background and assessments. PCRecruiter has the features you’d expect of an enterprise class solution, including localization, commercially high standards for security/availability, automated batch resume parsing, extensive document storage, and diversity tracking /federal compliance features.

You can track applicants with recruiting software, but it can be a nightmare to recruit with applicant tracking software. If you have ATS need, CRM needs or both, PCRecruiter may be the low-cost, high-impact choice.

The items described here are just some of the highlights of standard features that PCRecruiter offers; please contact a Main Sequence sales consultant for more details and information about the hundreds of other function points that can help you reach your recruitment goals.

  • Boolean Searching – Locate keywords and phrases in job descriptions, notes, resumes and applicant profiles with familiar AND / OR search constructs.
  • Custom Forms – Customizable, searchable forms that can be completed online by any contact in the database for self-entered data collection or internal data standardization.
  • CareerBuilder Search – Search resumes on and download them directly to your database.
  • EEO / OFCCP Handling – Collect self-identification data from applicants to meet your compliance requirements.
  • Multi-Function Lists – Use the broadly applicable Rollup List function to group Names and Reqs for sorting, emailing and other group actions.
  • Pipeline – An easy drag-and-drop interface for moving applicants from one stage to the next, with automated form letters and complete history tracking.
  • Requisition Approvals – Create requisitions in ‘pending’ status for processing through approver email chains.
  • Tagging – Add your own keywords and phrases in job descriptions, notes, resumes and applicant profiles, and then search with familiar AND / OR search constructs.
  • Tracking Reports – Tracks interviews, placements and other important metrics for your requisitions. Monitor your applicant and recruiter activity with respect to each req in the system.

In addition to the PCRecruiter standard configuration, Main Sequence offers add-on solutions for individualized needs and preferences.   If you’re using PCRecruiter, you may also benefit from these items:

  • Jobseeker Portal – Display your available opportunities online and collect resumes and applications via your website.
  • Employee Referral Portal – Allow your current employees to submit potential applicants for open reqs online.
  • Integrated Email Client – Receive your email directly in PCRecruiter, logging all incoming and outgoing email with the relevant contacts.
  • Manager Portal – Allow managers to enter their own reqs with predefined templates, and to track progress on their reqs and applicants.
  • MS Outlook Integration – Complete integration of PCRecruiter into your Outlook contacts, emails, and schedule.
  • Post to Major Job Sites – Submit your reqs to, CareerBuilder and E-Quest to get applicants directly into your database.
  • Resume Inhaler –  Convert resumes from your email inbox or Windows folders into searchable names instantly.