Job Title
Calibration Engineer
Date Posted
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
Job Description

Calibration Engineer – Memphis, TN

The primary responsibilities of this position include leading and directing the dynamometer activities, managing software and calibration changes and providing input and support for new and existing designs to improve performance, fuel consumption and emissions.


  • Manage Dyno schedule to ensure program timelines are met as well as maintain dyno cell maintenance and cleanliness
  • Supports OE customers on issues generated at our facility as well as helps troubleshoot issues at customer site
  • Work closely with research and development, quality assurance and maintenance personnel to prevent problems with products and tooling/fixtures
  • Ensure all manufacturing safety regulatory policies and procedures are always implemented and maintained
  • Support all current and new product introductions by providing support to production
  • Determine and eliminate root causes and diminish occurrences in the manufacturing process
  • Able to assist in reducing cost through re-engineering product/material
  • Assist in the assessment of vendor/subcontractor evaluation for consideration
  • Manage production BOM’s to ensure updates are completed timely
  • Provide training and technical assistance to customer service as required
  • All other duties as assigned


  • Must be familiar with engine exhaust emission calibration and testing
  • Strong analytical skills - Able to compile data into useable form, recognize patterns in data, information, or events, draw logical conclusions, and make recommendations for action
  • Must have experience in tool design and modifications
  • Strong knowledge in writing product specifications
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Hands-on, team oriented and committed to business improvement processes
  • Proven ability to effectively manage others, promoting personal growth and development
  • Process-oriented mentality with strong problem-solving capabilities
  • Proven track record of reducing costs through processes and efficiencies
  • Strong project management skills
  • Risk assessment capability of product, processes and suppliers
  • Technical training and presentation skills
  • Computer literacy: Basic skills with MS Word and Excel; Strong CAD proficiency
  • Experience with an ERP system and calibration software is required
  • Knowledge of EPA, SAE, US Coastguard laws, ABYC recommended regulations, CE Foreign Regulations, ANSI/NIT Engineering Standards


  • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or equivalent education and experience
  • 5-10 years progressive experience in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Experience in the marine sector is preferred
  • Previous supervisory/management experience is a plus

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