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Job Title Ballistics Structure Research (MS & PhD)
Company Summary All opportunities posted are ongoing.

The Research Participation Program for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (USARL) provides opportunities to participate in USARL’s on-going and applied research and development projects through its programs in: Computational & Information Science, Human Research and Engineering, Survivability & Lethality Analysis, Sensors & Electron Devices, Weapons & Materials Research, and Vehicle Technology. The mission of USARL is to provide the Army the key technologies and the analytical support necessary to assure supremacy in future land warfare. Project areas disciplines include Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and Material Science.


Selected Fellows/Researchers will have the opportunity to perform research on topics of interest to the U.S. Government and to interact with leading scientists performing research and/or advising at the sponsor. The extensive partnering relationships with universities and other government agencies will expose participants to a broad research community. Program participants will have the opportunity to meet government decision-makers and learn directly from them about the role of scientific research in addressing complex, real-world (i.e., operational) needs. Furthermore, fellows have the opportunity to learn how research products transition from the proof-of-concept stage to integrated production systems. Other benefits may include the following:
• Stipend Payments

• Health Insurance

• Inbound Relocation/Dislocation

• Training & Travel


Applicants should have recently completed a degree within five years of the desired starting date in or related discipline, or will be able to complete of all requirements for the degree within six months of the starting date. Other applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The program is open to all qualified U.S. citizens without regard to race, sex, religion, color, age, physical or mental disability, national origin, or status as a Vietnam era or disabled veteran.


Applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Selections are made as openings occur throughout the year. A complete application includes: profile, two references, and transcripts for all degrees earned and/or currently attending.


The participants will be selected based on academic records, recommendations, applied research interests and compatibility of background with applied research programs and projects at the host Installation. The initial appointment is typically for one year and may be renewed for up to four additional years based upon recommendation of the host installation and subject to availability of funds. The participant will receive a monthly stipend which is determined based upon level of education, training, and experience. Inbound travel and moving expenses are reimbursed according to established policies. Travel and other costs will also be reimbursed for training related to the project and approved by ORAU and the host installation. The participant must show proof of health and medical insurance. Health plans are available through the ORAU for Postgraduate Internship participants.
Location Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Country United States
Position Id ARL-1245145343
Job Description

One research opportunity is available with the Ballistic Structures and Launch Dynamics Branch of the Army Research Lab.  Applicants should have received a masters or doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, or a similar field.  A background in numerical, analytical and experimental methods and knowledge of materials and composite materials is preferred.  The mission of the Ballistic Structures and Launch Dynamics Branch is to conceive, plan, direct, and conduct basic and applied research on 1) structural dynamics for ballistic structures and components during deployment, in-bore, transitional, and in-flight events, and 2) the associated weapon launch dynamics. 

This appointment includes, but is not limited to, the following:

-Investigate the mechanical response of these structures and provide proof of principle solutions for the next generation of Army munitions.

-Assess utility of projectile and missile systems in applications such as advanced launchers, lightweight cannons, sabots, artillery aero shells, missile components, lightweight mortars and cannons, penetrators, warheads, cartridge cases, and other advanced ordnance structures. 

-Investigate performance enhancements of delivery systems by investigating the full weapons dynamics modeling and its role on accuracy and performance.

Number of Openings 1
Degree Specialization mechanical engineering, materials science
Degree Required Master Degree Graduate, PhD - Graduate, PhD Student