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Accurate Numerical Simulations & Model Development
Aerodynamics MAV Research
Aeromechanics and Applied Mathematics
Autonomous Squad Member
Coaxial-Rotor Helicopter Analysis and Testing
Collaborative Intelligent Systems
Complex Cyber-Physical System Behavior
Coordinated Tactical Movement
Coupled Vortex Transport Method and RANS CFD for V
Dynamic Response of Structural Material Fabricated
Efficient Computational Methods for Aeroelastic Si
Electro-Mechanical Materials Processing
Fuel Composition Effects on Ignition & Combustion
Fundamental Research in Prognostics and Diagnostic
Fundamental Research in Propulsion Material State
Fundamental Research in Propulsion Materials
High Efficiency, Ultra-Reliable Turbomachinery
High-Efficiency Gas Turbine Engine Components
Hybrid Electric Aerospace Propulsion
Investigation on the Effect of Altitude on UAV Eng
Laser Based Investigation of the Turbulent Combust
Machine learning with applications to diagnostics,
Modeling and Simulation for Power Transfer
Robotic Locomotion and Whole Body Manipulation
Rotocraft Transmission - Postdoc Research
Rotor Morphing Technologies For Improved Rotorcraf
Rotorcraft Comprehensive Analysis
Swashplateless Flight Control
Technology Improvement Studies of Rotorcraft Trans
Tribological Modeling
Tribological Studies of Rotorcraft Transmission Co
Tribology and Lubrication Science for High Perform
Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles
Variable Energy Assisted Compression Ignition
Vehicle Technology Postdoc
Positions Available in the Following Locations:
MD - Aberdeen Proving Ground
MD - Adelphi
OH - Cleveland
VA - Hampton
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