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Adaptive Instructional Science
Characterization of Human Variability
Computational Modeling of Neural Systems for Trans
Decision-Making and Decision Support
Dynamical Systems Modeling of Human States
EEG Signal Processing and Analysis
Effect of Signal Processing on Auditory Spatial Pe
Endogenous and exogenous sources of variability in
Enhancing Performance of Human-Robot Interaction (
Examination of Noisy Nervous System Biosignals
Experimental Cognition in Adaptive Automation
Human Robot Interaction Team
Human System Integration & Social Cultural Analysi
Human System Integration –Modeling and Tool Dev.
Human-Autonomy Teaming and Agent Transparency
Human-in-the-loop Reinforcement Learning
Immersive Auditory Environments
Interaction between cognitive and physical fatigue
Investigating how cognitive states modulate perfor
Investigation of Emerging Instructional Technologi
Machine Learning Algorithms for Brain Computer Int
Multisensory Integration and Perception
Network Science: Social Networks and Cognitive Fac
Predicting human behavior
Predicting individual differences in performance
Quantification and prediction of brain-body state
Real-world Neuroimaging Technologies
Tactile & Bone Conduction Communication
Team Assessment and Leadership Knowledge
The Real-Time Assessment of Humans in Operational
Understanding and Modeling Visual Search
Using semantic knowledge and heuristics to support
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FL - Orlando
MD - Aberdeen Proving Ground
MD - Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
MD - Adelphi
TX - Dallas
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