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Advanced Energy Storage Chemistries
Advanced Microcombustion Concepts
Advanced Photovoltaic Device Processing and Charac
Advanced Power Electronics Packaging and Thermal M
AMO Quantum Science Research
ARL-North East: Topological Materials and Interfac
ARL-West: Topological Materials and Interfacial
Beyond Li-ion Battery Materials
Bioinspired Devices and Sensors
Catalysis and Reaction Technology
Chemical Synthesis and/or Waste Remediation
Chlorination Studies on 2D material doping
Cyber-physical Anomaly Detection in Power Systems
Development of III-Nitride Near Ultraviolet VECSEL
Development of Multi-fuel Combustion
Diamond RF Transistor Technology
Direct Chemical-to-Mechanical Artificial Muscles
Distributed Optimization
Efficient mid-IR solid-state laser
Electromagnetic Models for RF MetaFerrite Devices
Electromechanical Modeling and Design
Engineer-Scientist Fellow for Distributed Mixed-Ag
Engineer/Scientist Fellowship: Sensor Modeling
Experimentalist in Microwave Photonics
Growth and Analysis of Organometallic Vapor Phase
High Power Solid-State Laser Science and Tech
High Speed Data Converters for RF Front Ends
Information Fusion over Sources of Unknown Reliabi
Integrated Optics for Communications
Integration for High Speed Data Conversion
Intelligent Energy Research
Interdisciplinary Biotechnology/Engineering
Machine Learning for State Estimation
MEMS-scale Pyrotechnic Materials
MOCVD growth of REBCO superconductors
Modeling & Simulation of Electromagnetic Structure
Modeling Electrodeposition & Electrochemical Inter
Multi-modal Sensor Fusion and Sensor Networks
Multimodal Learning-based Visual Localization
Multimodal Sensor Fusion for Hidden Target Detecti
Nonlinear Optical Materials Characterization
Novel Optoelectronic Photonic Devices
Physics of Semiconductor Microstructures
Portably obtaining purified bioenergy
Power Conditioning for Pyroelectric Energy Harvest
Rational Catalyst Design
Research on High-Energy Density
Research on High-Energy-Density Dielectrics and Ca
Resource-Constrained Image/video Analytics
RF Sensors for Concealed and Low Signature Target
Robotic Autonomy, Visual Perception, and Localizat
Saak Transform: Theory and Applications
Scientist/Engineer: Distributed Systems State
Semiconductor Lasers, Detectors, and Optoelectroni
Semiconductor materials for infrared and electroni
Silicon Carbide for Solid-State Qubits, Opto-Elect
Silicon Integrated Photonics for Imaging
Simulation and Analysis for Synthetic Metabolism
Software-defined Radios for Radar and Spectrum Sen
Solid State Structures for Quantum Sensing and Qua
Solid-state Qubits and Integrated Quantum Hybrid
Sparse signal decomposition
Spectroelectrochemical studies on Kinetics
Synthetic Biology Postdoctoral Fellowships
Techniques for Augmented Reality & Applications
Theory of topological crystalline
Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Wireless Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting
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