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Adaptive/Cooperative Protection Module Integration
Ballistic Modeling and Effects
Ballistic Structure Research
Behavior and Mechanics of Rate-Activated Tethers
Ceramic Synthesis and Processing
Ceramic Synthesis and Processing Using High Energy
Characterization of the response of biological
Chemistry to Develop Additive Manufacturing Polyme
Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Modeling
Computational Materials Science
Computational Modeling of Multiphysical Fields
Constitutive/Failure Models
Corrosion of electrochemically deposited lightweig
Diffraction Analysis of Energetic and Propellant M
Effect of Structure on the Deformation/Failure
Enhanced Efficiency of Thermoelectric Applications
Experimental Shock Physics /Energetic & Explosive
Fluorescence and Photophysical Observation
Gurney energy characterization at the lab-scale
High Rate Experimental Mechanics
Hydrogen Bonded 2-Dimensional Polymers
Interferometry-Based Miniaturized Kolsky Bar
Material Behavior
Materials for Soldier Physical Augmentation
Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline and Ultra
Meso-scale modeling of materials processing
Metals Additive Manufacturing
Modeling and characterization of 2D materials
Modeling and Simulations of Active Protection Syst
Modeling and Simulations of Armor Ceramics
Multiscale deformation mechanisms due to ballistic
Mutli-Material Additive Manufacturing
Process parameter optimization
Projectile Aerodynamics
Signature exploitation/reduction
Simulations for polymer design under external fiel
Structural Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials
Synthesis and Processing Science for Next Generati
Synthesis of Metastable Materials at High Pressure
Theoretical and analytical guidance technologies
Thermomechanical Processing & Characterization
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IL - Chicago
MD - Aberdeen Proving Ground
MD - Adelphi
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