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PCRecruiter Previews: Pipeline, Sequencing, and PCR 10

The PCRecruiter development team has been hard at work for the past several months on some very big updates, and we’d like to show you what’s in store. In a recent online presentation to some of our business partners, we reviewed some of our recently released features and previewed some of the exciting changes in the works. We now invite all of our users to see this presentation, which offers a taste of the great things to come in PCRecruiter.

The PCRecruiter development team has been hard at work for the past several months on some very big updates, and we’d like to show you what’s in store.

In a recent online presentation to some of our business partners, PCRecruiter’s Training Manager and Business Process Analyst, Stacy Racutt, reviewed some of our recently released features and previewed some of the exciting changes in the works. We now invite all of our users to see her presentation, which offers a taste of just some of the great things to come in PCRecruiter. And if you aren’t yet using PCR for your recruiting or staffing business, contact our sales consultants to learn about these exciting new features and more.

You’ll find a menu icon at the lower right corner of the video player which you can use to jump to specific chapters. You can also use the dots in the player’s timeline to jump to your desired topic.

So, what’s new?

This video presentation covers a few items which are already available to you in the current SaaS version of PCRecruiter. These include the improvements to Feedback collection and Automations with PCR Notifications, which were released in April 2022, and our integration with ZoomInfo TalentOS, which was released in October 2021.

The presentation also reveals details about three key current development projects:

New Pipeline

Applicant Pipeline
The completely re-envisioned Pipeline is more efficient, flexible, and intuitive.

This video shows off the new Pipeline, which has been in development and testing for nearly a year. The completely re-envisioned Pipeline offers a quicker, more intuitive, and more efficient way to manage your applicant workflow. The updated Pipeline includes:

  • Slide-in details panel for reviewing, editing, and paging through applicants without leaving the screen.
  • A clearer view of your Pipeline, with configurable, color-coded columns for each step.
  • Multiple Pipeline configurations to manage different processes, job types, or market verticals.
  • Schedule interviews and send confirmation emails in one simple step.
  • Right-click functionality for faster navigation.
  • Pins for bookmarking key candidates.

The new Pipeline is already in daily use at nearly a hundred offices, and we are now opening the invitation to all of our users. Once it has been activated, existing positions in your database will remain on the legacy Pipeline, and all new positions will take advantage of the updated version.

If you would like information about activating the new Pipeline for your PCRecruiter account, please contact us using this form.

To learn more about the Pipeline, sign up for the webinar on May 31.


Sequenced Tasks
Sequencing will allow you to create automated workflows for easier recruiting and user on-boarding.

Coming soon to PCRecruiter, the new Sequencing tool will allow you to create incredibly versatile automated workflows. These user-defined chains of sequential or branching event plans will not only make it easier to manage your day, but will also make on-boarding your team’s newest PCRecruiter users a breeze.

Once you have configured your steps, including calls, emails, LinkedIn interactions, text messages, and so on, your users will be able to work through all of their assigned tasks from a unified panel. As users complete each task, PCRecruiter automatically presents the next work item to be completed, and makes it a breeze to log each step along the way.

Sequencing will make it possible for users to execute ‘drip campaigns,’ call plans, and much more.

To learn more about Sequencing, sign up for the three-part webinar series beginning on June 14.

PCR 10

PCRecruiter 10 Prototype
This design prototype shows one possible configuration of your custom Name record screens in PCR 10.

In this presentation, we’ve also revealed some of the working designs for our next major version, PCR 10. Although no specific release date has been set for this version, our development team is already building and testing screens using the new frameworks and systems it will rely on.

PCR 10 will introduce a totally new, modernized interface for PCRecruiter. More than just a stylistic update, this revision will include tons of fresh functionality including:

  • More customization options to help you maximize your screen real estate.
  • More right-click functionality to save time.
  • More straightforward navigation to help you get more done with fewer clicks and fewer screens.

We will be making more announcements about the rollout of PCR 10 as it moves closer to the beta testing phase.

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