Main Sequence Technology Inc. is a private, closely held Ohio, USA corporation, formed in 1998. Main Sequence has four principals/shareholders who directly operate the company. They are:

Gretchen E. Annable CFO
William F. Kubicek IV CMO
Martin H. Snyder President
Michael H. Snyder CIO

Main Sequence Ohio facilities include leased space in two datacenters, a leased corporate HQ/operations center, and a finance office. There is a leased operations office maintained in Hawaii, USA.

The Statutory Agent and Outside General Counsel for Main Sequence is:

Jonathon Yarger
Yarger Radel & Pentz, LCC
1111 Superior Ave #530 Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 539-9600

Main Sequence has agreements in force with approx. 3000 organizations.