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Two Minute Tuesday: Google Calendar Sync

It’s Tuesday, and that means another Two Minute Tuesday video! This week we’re talking about PCRecruiter’s ability to sync with Google Calendar, which is not only a great way to see and manage all of your scheduled items in one place but also allows you to work with your PCRecruiter Schedule using external software and devices, using Google as the intermediary. […]

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Two Minute Tuesday: Custom Layouts

One of the most powerful features of PCRecruiter is the ability to configure your fields and screens to fit your own purposes. Today’s Two Minute Tuesday walks through the process of configuring the custom layout of name records. The same principles apply to job and company records as well. PCRecruiter 9’s layout editor makes it a snap! […]

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Two Minute Tuesday: HTML Job Descriptions

In this Two Minute Tuesday we’ll look at best practices for entering job descriptions in PCRecruiter’s HTML editor. We’ll talk about the difference between using “Enter” and “Shift+Enter,” and about how to make sure your descriptions are clear of inline font formatting so that your jobs can be consistent on the web. […]

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