Contacting Main Sequence

Contacting Main Sequence

In order to help expedite your phone contact with Main Sequence Technology, we have provided the following list of contact extensions, along with examples of the sort of call that each person or department is best suited to handle.
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Phone Contacts by Department

Training Department- 440.946.5214 ext 2000

  • Scheduling a training session
  • Assistance with Administrative and Web Extensions settings
  • General product usage questions
  • Information on Webinars
  • Installing and configuring the Resume Inhaler
  • Configuring the Integrated Email Client
  • Information and booking of on-site training
  • Feature requests and suggestions

Technical Support Department – 440.946.5214 ext 3000

  • Reporting Error Messages
  • Data Backup/Restoration Requests
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Database Creation
  • Database Migration
  • ASP Site Creation
  • Database Conversions
  • Problems Accessing PCRecruiter
  • PCRecruiter Update Information

Sales Consultants – 440.946.5214 ext 4000

  • Information on PCRecruiter or related products
  • Referring someone to Main Sequence Technology
  • Reschedule a demo, conference call or consulting call
  • Adding users to your current ASP account
  • Upgrading from PCRecruiter Desktop to PCRecruiter Web

Billing & Administration –  440.946.5214 ext 5411

  • Adding/deleting users or additional features
  • Requesting company/database name changes
  • Invoicing, payment terms and contract questions
  • Credit card and billing changes

Web Design / Marketing –  440.946.5214 ext 5453

  • Assistance with website integration for the Web Extensions
  • Custom Profile Form design
  • Custom form letter, signature, stationery or other HTML/design work
  • Main Sequence Technology marketing and advertising business
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