Career Board Implementation

Career Board Implementation

Web Extensions Integration Info for Webmasters
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There are three ways to connect PCRecruiter jobs to a website:

  1. Link to the PCRecruiter Web Extensions directly.
  2. Parse a PCRecruiter RSS 2.0 feed and build your own job board
  3. PCRecruiter API

Link to the PCRecruiter Web Extensions directly. The standard PCRecruiter Web Extensions are a pre-built, table-based job display and applicant registration system that are an integrated part of the larger PCRecruiter applicant tracking system. The extensions are not a plugin that runs at the website, but rather a series of modules on the application server running the PCRecruiter ATS. Choices about which fields appear on the screen and what data is requested or displayed are managed by the PCRecruiter database administrators and will be covered in the training and setup phase of the product implementation. The designer or maintainer of the website can link to the PCRecruiter web extensions in the public website with a direct link or with an iframe. Main Sequence can assist in creating the necessary templates.

Information for Webmasters (Web Extensions html wrapper/css)

Parse a PCRecruiter RSS 2.0 feed and build your own job listing from the data stream. In this scenario, you would use custom code on your own web server to pull job data from the provided RSS feed into a static XML stored on your web server. From that XML, you could then code your own search, browse, list and display functions. The feed would include the ‘apply’ URL for each job. When the jobseeker clicks the apply button, they would need to be directed into the standard Web Extensions as described above to complete the process. In essence, using the RSS feed replaces the first few steps of the job board process with your own code, and finishes with the out-of-the-box PCRecruiter job board.

PCRecruiter API. Main Sequence offers an application programming interface capable of data push/pull for jobs, companies and name data in PCRecruiter 8.5 and above. In this scenario, the Web Extensions are not used at all. Rather, all interface and functionality is created by the third-party web developer working on the site.

API procedures and information

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