Staffing Industry

PCRecruiter recruiting software and staffing software products are used by thousands of third-party staffing and recruiting organizations as a central database, content manager, and communication tool. From single-user firms to multi-branch, multi-national operations, PCRecruiter offers the critical functionality to model the key records: Names, Jobs, Groups, and the events that connect them together for the core processes of marketing, assessing, recruiting, presenting, monitoring, and re-use of work product. With a Microsoft technology orientation (but use of best of breed open systems as well), PCRecruiter slots well into almost any technical environment and technology experience level. Delivered via cloud or self-host and configured for your nomenclature and locality, PCRecruiter is the choice of many of the best producing recruiters in the world.
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Connecting core processes of marketing, assessing, recruiting, presenting, monitoring

Staffing Industry

Key Features

Key value-chain drivers in the Staffing Industry cluster in several areas. Smooth management of transactional elements such as timekeeping and assignment details are critical. Precise documentation and business record-keeping is important to customer and contractor satisfaction. Multi-mode communication, including SMS, is vital for flexible and timely performance of everyone involved in a staffing deal. CRM capability for sales teams working separately from recruiting teams is a common requirement. PCRecruiter records all key activity and automates common workflows- adjusting for the correct terminology of each market segment, and easily handling different lines of business with separate databases and website experiences where needed.


Drag and Drop functionality to easily move applicants through the interview process.

Mobile App

PCR at your fingertips, literally! This mobile version of PCR allows you to access information on the go; make calls, send sms messages, create activities and more!

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Email Integration

PCRecruiter offers IMAP sync for automatic email logging, a native email client, as well as powerful integrations with Outlook and Gmail.

PCRecruiter for Gmail

PCRecruiter for Gmail combines the most versatile staffing and recruitment software on the market with your inbox to help you access and enter data more quickly and accurately.

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Right Sized Customer Service

PCRecruiter is supported by an award-winning team of experienced consultants and technicians, many of whom have been with the company for over a decade. Our hands-on approach means that you will often be working with someone familiar with your organization.


Security and Availability are continuously improved and constantly monitored at Main Sequence. Your valuable information is ALL yours- never shared without your request, and processed using updated tools and procedures widely understood to provide effective defenses against known attacks.


Create your own tagging options to allow for easy organization and searching.

PCR Capture

A free Google Chrome Plug In that allows users to parse candidate data from any online source.

Sorting & Grouping

PCR's powerful Rollup feature organizes your candidates, business development prospects, and job openings to maximize your current and future sourcing and marketing activities.

Source Tracking Candidates

Track the source of your incoming candidates to help measure ROI on your recruiting efforts.

Multi-Function List

Create multiple choice checkboxes, dropdown lists, and more for tracking specific information.

Custom Forms

Create electronic versions of the forms you use every day! These forms can then be used internally, for example an interview form; or sent externally to be completed - complete with your company branding.

Data Import

Contact records can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook and Google Contacts, or imported via CSV files. PCRecruiter also offers a variety of other import utilities to make your data entry tasks as efficient as possible.

Job Posting

Enter your Open jobs into PCR, once a position is saved; it will automatically be added to your company website. This allows candidates to search your open jobs and apply to jobs of interest using a Social Profile, Resume, or simply providing requested details. These candidates are automatically synced back to your database with their details.

Process Management

Associate email triggers, activity logs, keyword tags, etc. with user actions to automate repetitive tasks and simplify workflows.

EEO / OFCCP Handling

Easily collect EEO information from every applicant and report on the details.

Boolean Searching

Search Resumes, Notes, Keywords and more using full boolean logic. Use RollUp list as search filters or selectors. Mix text and field searches in unlimited combinations.


Fully configurable fields and forms help PCRecruiter conform to your unique business model. Contact our consultants to see how PCRecruiter can accommodate and enhance your current practices.

Staffing Reports

View timesheet information in regards to your contractors both on and off assignment.

Globalization / Localization

PCRecruiter has been deployed in over 70 countries, and can be configured to work in local currencies and languages. We provide the tools to comply with EEOC, GDPR, and anti-spam legislation.

CareerBuilder Search

Use our integrations with CareerBuilder and TextKernel to find the most qualified candidates for every open position. Also use TextKernel to identify positions a candidate may be qualified for.
Manny D. - President

I have used the most popular ATS systems in over 10 years as a corporate recruiter in Fortune 500 environments. Now that I'm an independent headhunter, I'm amazed at how much value and features you can get out of PCRecruiter. The most amazing thing about PCR is the tech support. You can call and get an immediate resolution to almost any issue.

Staffing Industry

Premium Features

PCRecruiter for Outlook

Complete integration of PCRecruiter and Outlook including contacts, emails and scheduling. Stop switching between your recruiting software and email apps. Now it’s all in one!

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Voice / SMS

Use our integration with RingCentral for quick click to dial technology, sms messaging and bulk sms capabilities!

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Email Campaigns

Managed email provides the opportunity to track clicks, deliveries, opens, bounces and trends.

Resume Inhaler

Windows desktop application for bulk résumé/CV parsing and import. Parse resumes from your email inbox or Windows folder into searchable Name records instantly.

Employee Referral Portal

Allow your current employees to submit potential applicants for open reqs online.

Job Board

Web links for job seekers, clients/managers and external job posting.

CareerBuilder / TextKernel Search

Use our integrations with CareerBuilder and TextKernel to find the most qualified candidates for every open position. Also use TextKernel to identify positions a candidate may be qualified for.


Create your own assessments to test your candidates skills/knowledge during the application process. Assessments are automatically scored and attached to the person for future use.

Background Checking

Use VerifiedFirst to run background checks on any potential candidates to confirm their employability.

Staffing Analytics

Use our Analytics tool to see an easy to read visual depiction of the effort put into placements. This is done through bubble charts, line graphs and bar charts.

Contractor Modules

Timesheet collection, approval, reporting, and export.

Customer Portal

Allow your clients to submit their own job orders with predefined templates and track progress on their orders and candidates.

Career Portal

Display your available opportunities online and collect resumes and applications via your website, and export to third-party networks to attract candidates directly into your database

PCR Mail Client

Have your email delivered directly into your ATS. With this functionality you can work in PCRecruiter without having the need to juggle additional 3rd party mail tools.


Allows for collection of standard, overtime, on-call, holiday, double, vacation and sick hours from contractors.
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