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Capture vs. Scraping: What Recruiters Need To Know

Digital tools for recruiters are rapidly evolving. Used properly, new technology can enhance every aspect of the recruitment process, including sourcing. Automating the extraction of relevant candidate data from social platforms like LinkedIn or job sites like Indeed has become commonplace.

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PCR Updates

A Valentine from PCRecruiter

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and because PCRecruiter users are our one true love, we’ve gotten you a little something: it’s a new software update!

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Google's New Rules

Google’s new rules: a primer for recruiters

Back in October, Google announced changes to their email handling policies designed to combat spam. These new changes will be fully in place by February 2024. Yahoo/AOL has announced similar policies and others will likely follow suit. While the changes should mostly have a positive effect — reducing the amount of junk and scams that get to inboxes — they could have a negative effect on your recruiting process if you rely heavily on cold email or aren’t using properly configured outgoing email systems.

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