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Social Media Recruiting Continues Growth Spurt

If you're not using social media to complement your hiring efforts yet, then you're seriously falling way behind the trend. Earlier this summer, Jobvite unveiled its annual Social Recruiting Survey, which found that social media has become an essential recruiting tool for successful HR teams. Currently, 92 percent of companies are using social media to

Billions of Reasons to Recruit with Social Media

If you’re not using social media as part of your recruiting efforts yet, here’s some motivation: revenue from social networking sites is expected to rise a whopping 43.1 percent this year, hitting a total of $16.9 billion. That’s according to a new forecast on social media revenue from Gartner, which examined past revenue from sites

Sourcing via Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular tools for the recruitment of top company executives. However, twitter sourcing has more benefits than LinkedIn. First, LinkedIn is not as popular as twitter. In the US, the number of twitter users is approximately 14,031,985 while LinkedIn users are approximately 12,699,785. Second, Twitter gives you access to some basic information that is not available on LinkedIn.