PCRecruiter is a custom set of solutions designed for your specific needs.

Portal for Microsoft Outlook

  • Master Your Contacts by sending more powerful messages. You’ll be able to keep your PCRecruiter names and departments in sync with your Outlook contact list, so that you can look up email correspondents in your PCRecruiter database, add email correspondents directly to PCRecruiter, add attached resumes from emails directly into the PCRecruiter database.
  • Leverage Your Data, Maximize Your Power With the PCRecruiter Portal Events that you add to your Outlook Calendar will sync to your PCRecruiter Schedule and vice versa, with a link to jump directly from the Outlook Calendar event to the associated record in PCRecruiter.
  • Speed Your Adoption of New Technology  Many users of PCRecruiter have already invested in Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Outlook has been widely adopted as the primary work environment for business critical processes in HR.
  • Email Sync – If you’ve opted to use the PCRecruiter Integrated Email with IMAP, you can have a complete log of your actual email correspondence stored in your PCRecruiter database as well, so that you can work with your email even when you’re not on the same computer where you use Outlook.

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Resume / CV Inhaler

  • Automatically parses contact information from the header of resumes on your PC or attached to emails in your inbox, creating Name records in your database for you.
  • Tie the candidate to the appropriate req. Word Doc, RTF, TXT, HTM and many PDF files can be imported, with automated recognition of common resume formats from major distribution services for high accuracy rates.
  • If you receive resumes by email, this add-on is a major time saver!

Web Extensions

  • PCRecruiter's web extensions allow you to offer seamless website integration to your website via a Candidate Job Board and an Employer Portal,
  • The Candidate Job Board web extensions connect your PCRecruiter database to your website, and your job seekers to your open positions. Present your opportunities in real-time and let job seekers enter their own contact info, resumes and other data directly into the database.
  • The Employer Portal web extensions allow non-PCRecruiter users to enter their own open jobs into the database, view information about the job seekers who’ve applied for their openings. If you wish, you can allow employers to search through resumes in the database and inquire directly to candidates via email.


  • An application programming interface (API) capable of data push/pull for jobs, companies and name data is offered in PCRecruiter 8.5 and above.
  • As your site changes, so does your PCRecruiter installation because the API pulls directly from your database!
  • In this scenario, the Web Extensions are not used at all. Rather, all interface and functionality is created by your web developer working on the site.

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  • Timesheets allow for collection of standard, overtime, on-call, holiday, double, vacation and sick hours from contractors.
  • Margins and pass throughs are calculated and an automatic email is sent to the hiring manager for online approval.
There’s a lot of packages with a lot of bells and whistles. Sometimes you think ‘that’s great, but how is it going to help me?’ PCRecruiter understands the industry and the business. They’ve customized the system to work with us instead of against us, to make us more efficient vs. ‘what do I have this tool for?’ If you don’t try PCR, you’re doing yourself a disservice.