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Documentation for PCRecruiter

Although the PCRecruiter WisdomBase is the main source of up-to-date knowledge and reference materials for PCRecruiter version 8.X applicant tracking and contact management software products, we do provide some information in downloadable / printable Adobe Acrobat format.*

Documentation for PCRecruiter Version 9 is forthcoming.

The support team is patient with someone like me who’s not so tech savvy. They help me not just to fix something, but to understand how it was fixed so I can fix it myself. Whether it’s direct help from a live support person, or the website, I can be an instant expert.
Main Sequence has been amazing. I’ve always found anyone I’ve interacted with to be professional, responsive, and willing to listen.
I have been using the PCRecruiter product for over 4 years now and I am extremely impressed with the product and its features. The support team is great and is willing to work to the end to solve any issues that have ever come up.
The support team is really helpful. I like knowing people’s names at Main Sequence and not dialing into some call center.