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PCRecruiter serves thousands of worldwide customers doing permanent placement third-party recruitment, corporate direct hiring, and staffing & contracting. PCRecruiter provides comprehensive CRM / ATS functionality, including converged database, voice, email, and API interfaces using accessible, standardized technology that empowers recruiters, managers, and candidates with the right information at the right time. PCRecruiter is the only major recruitment / applicant tracking SaaS platform software used by both leading corporations and leading third-party recruiters; if you want to use what the pros use, PCRecruiter is what thousands of top professional recruiters use every day.

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Contingent Employment as a share of total employment increases every year, with no end in sight, and more organizations serving the employment space are providing a mix of services.

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You can track applicants with recruiting software, but it can be very difficult to recruit with applicant tracking software, because applicants are a late stage of the recruiting process.

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PCRecruiter Web combines sales force automation and contact management into a flexible enterprise staffing tool and recruitment CRM for contingency search, executive search, or retained search.

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David S. - Managing Partner

We have been with PCR for close to 15 years, the new tools they have come out with making it easier to use than ever before. The "Capture" feature, the Outlook, portal, and the ability to integrate with our Outlook calendar are game changers. The training and tech support have been excellent as we are in the midst of a major database update.

  1. PCR Capture

    PCRecruiter Capture is a Chrome browser tool that processes data download to your device into a format suitable for subsequent storage in PCRecruiter. It works automatically on pre-mapped webpages, and with your help on content that you highlight on non-predefined webpages. Capture tools are not used to automatically lookup and extract information from target websites, but are used to process information already downloaded by authorized consumers. A high quality Capture tool is a must for Internet research!

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  2. Portal

    Why switch between your email and recruiting software? Many recruiting solutions boast “Outlook Integration” and some even offer Outlook plug-ins, but no major system matches the depth of the PCRecruiter Portal for MS Outlook. With Portal you can synchronize schedules, automate tracking of email with everyone, import resumes/CV's directly from your inbox to your database, and use your recruitment CRM as your Outlook contact list!

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  3. Email Campaigns

    Building on PCR's existing systems for mail merge, Rollup Lists, and consent management, the email campaign feature set includes deeper functionality for managing email sending times and options, distributing email packages of jobs, tracking readership and engagement with linked content, building automated marketing workflows, and presenting key analytics, all while eliminating the additional expense of a dedicated email marketing platform!

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PCRecruiter Web 9.x

PCR Launcher

One-time installation on first use to enable enhanced resume editing and alarms.

PCR Capture Extension for Google Chrome

PCRecruiter 9 Self-Hosted Update

(February 6, 2018 | v.

PCRecruiter Web 8.x

Java MS Word Embed Control

Self-Hosted PCRecruiter Web Update

(June 22, 2015)

ActiveX Control Pack for Internet Explorer

(March 12, 2018)

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PCRecruiter Web Extensions WordPress Plugin

PCR Mobile App

Resume Inhaler Update

(October 09 2013)

PCRecruiter Portal for Microsoft Outlook

(March 12, 2018)

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