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PCRecruiter is designed to be flexible enough for use by a wide range of clients, from one-person recruiting agencies to international staffing networks and HR departments. With this goal in mind, we strive to make PCRecruiter pricing equally flexible and affordable.


PCRecruiter accounts start at around $85/user per month for a basic two-year contract. This price includes access to the current version of PCRecruiter, secure storage of your individual database(s) with daily backups, as well as standard support and service. Talk to one of our consultants for pricing information specific to your office’s needs and configurations.


If you wish to purchase PCRecruiter for installation on your own web server, please contact a representative for a customized quote.


A one-time fee is assessed for initial setup and training, and will vary based on the needs of your organization.

Data Migration / Conversion

Costs for migration of data from your previous software are dependent on the complexity of the job, but are generally well below industry standard rates for this sort of detailed service. For more information on this topic, see our Data Conversion Process info.

Specialized services

We also offer additional user training, custom HTML work, and specialized technical support at nominal prices.
Main Sequence also offers service via an international network of vendor partner providers, depending on your region and language.

Approx. 3000 organizations worldwide, in all segments of HR, Recruiting, Staffing and Executive Search, ranging from household name Fortune 50/500 companies to single recruiter operations. Unlike many of our competitors, Main Sequence avoids disclosing details about our customers’ use of PCRecruiter, but we are pleased to provide as many comparable references as needed/requested to qualified prospects. Successful recruiting is built on trust and discretion, and those values are in effect at Main Sequence.

Self-hosted and Main Sequence-hosted customers use nearly identical software code, but self-hosted customers provide their own web server, database maintenance and backup, and Internet connectivity. If you have these items already covered with fixed or nearly fixed costs, it may be financially advantageous to self-host. If you do not have the needed IT infrastructure or only have a limited number of end-users, the cloud version will likely be more cost-effective and satisfying. If you experience unexpected growth (or reduction) in force, you can switch models at any time. Either model may be right for you – that’s why we offer both. Our sales consultants can provide the details you need to make an informed choice. For more information, read our SaaS vs Self-Hosting blog post.

Although we are responsible for maintaining and backing up your database on our infrastructure, the data belongs entirely and solely to you. You can request that a backup copy be shipped to you at any time. Your service agreement will describe your ownership of your data and our responsibility to maintain its confidentiality.

Software on the PCRecruiter hosting service is updated continuously, with major feature updates roughly once per-quarter. Self-hosted customers may update on their own schedule. All updates are announced in advance and are planned to cause zero downtime.

Our target is 99.99% uptime. We have met that goal for the past ten years. Main Sequence Technology contracts with leading vendors to provide Internet connectivity, physical hosting, and computer hardware and software that are reliable, redundant, and meet or exceed prevailing standards for online application vendors.

Most likely! PCRecruiter is designed and optimized for Google Chrome and is also tested for compatibility with current releases of Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari. Specific functionality varies somewhat between different platforms and versions. Many features are also useable on popular mobile and tablet devices.

Main Sequence is committed to providing the most transparent and hassle-free technical experience possible for our customers, including testing of your particular environment prior to coming aboard if needed.

PCRecruiter is designed to put the information required for decision making at your fingertips, allowing you to make the choices. Our current development policy is that while PCRecruiter may make deductive decisions about contact information (such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.), it should not make deductive decisions that could impact employment opportunities. PCRecruiter does provide a history feature that analyzes your current data set in a real-time query, but does not save the guess to the database. For more information, see our recruitment AI blog post.

In addition to not being in line with our commitment to avoid automated deduction as described above, “search agents” and “job agents” are not considered best practices among our top performing customers because they are not typically accurate enough to depend on, and often creating unnecessary work by returning the ‘usual suspects’ who are not a actually good fit for one reason or another. We do offer RSS feeds for jobs via our Web Extensions, which are an excellent way for candidates to ‘subscribe’ to job search results without the spam filtering a general ‘lost in the shuffle’ effects that come from email subscriptions. We also offer our Rollup List feature and saved search utilities, which are very useful in scanning your database regularly for results matching hard criteria.

PCRecruiter is an global recruitment solution, making it adaptable to differing international markets, languages, currencies, and regions as well as locale-specific elements or language changes. It is currently used in dozens of countries around the world. And of course, PCRecruiter is ready to help our EU users to manage GDPR-compliance with ease.

The PCRecruiter interface has been translated (in part or in full) into Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic, French, Indonesian, and Spanish. Additional translations can be supplied by end-users. Translations are accomplished using UTF-8, and are triggered by automatic switching to the appropriate interface languages as detected from the visitor’s web browser. In addition to alternate languages, PCRecruiter is also globalized for international date format and currency options.

Multi-location configurations can be managed by creating a separate database for each region, facilitated by PCR’s record move/copy routines, or by connecting multiple application configurations of PCRecruiter to a single database. Your sales consultant can help describe the cost and use-case differences between the approaches to best suit your global deployment needs and life-cycle cost requirements.

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