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ZoomInfo TalentOS is a recruitment database fueled by best-in-class contact data. With over 100M+ verified emails, ZoomInfo TalentOS helps recruiters find and reach candidates to build a diverse talent pipeline. With features such as Likely to Listen status, diversity & inclusion filters, and robust search filters, and tools such as email automation through Engage, plus ATS integrations, ZoomInfo TalentOS helps recruiters find great talent faster.

Find and reach great talent faster

As a recruiter, your main goal is to find, connect with, and place top talent in your open roles, quickly—a process that’s easier said than done. Once a role has been opened up, you want to be as efficient as possible with your time and resources. Ultimately, you want to source, reach, and close the role so that you can shorten your time and cost to hire. How can you ensure you’re sourcing top talent, building a connection with them, and can hire the perfect person for the role? Reaching your ideal candidates has never been easier: Meet ZoomInfo TalentOS.

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How it works

Fueled by ZoomInfo’s candidate database, you can uncover hidden talent and connect faster than ever before using customizable, automated outreach programs to drastically increase your connect rate with candidates.

  1. Search for high-quality candidates in ZoomInfo’s candidate database that meet your specific needs with our advanced candidate filters.
  2. Easily add candidates to a saved search or list so that you can come back to it later or export it to your applicant tracking system (ATS) or talent CRM.
  3. Automate how you connect with prospective candidates by using Salesflows that automatically send emails and provide call reminders to stay on top of your pipeline.

It’s time for a new way to hire. With ZoomInfo TalentOS, you can leverage ZoomInfo’s candidate database with highly-targeted keywords, filters, and criteria to identify your perfect pool of candidates. By streamlining your outreach, you can effectively target and communicate with high-quality candidates and improve your recruiting strategy.

Key Benefits

Uncover hidden talent

Tap into ZoomInfo’s candidate database with unparalleled scale, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. Find and reach candidates using advanced search capabilities, getting as specific as you’d like using keywords, demographics, and more. Go beyond traditional recruiting search terms—get granular and filter your search by key skills, tenure, and specific technical expertise.

Reach the unreachable

How many of your emails or messages have gone unanswered? According to the GEM Workplace Trends Report, 2020, 40% of tech talent has InMail notifications turned off, and 90% of talent prefers to be contacted via email. That’s why it’s time to reach out in a new way. With ZoomInfo TalentOS, you can create a predetermined multitouch campaign and sequence for getting higher candidate response rates. You can customize your campaign to include a mix of outreach options, including email and phone calls.

Integrate seamlessly

Have a single source of truth for your recruiting process. Once you create a saved search or list within ZoomInfo TalentOS, you can easily deliver your list into PCRecruiter via direct integration. Additionally, you can export candidate data (including contact and company info) to Excel. From there, your candidate data can be actioned directly from the spreadsheet, shared with colleagues to review, or uploaded in bulk to PCRecruiter.

Records Updated Everyday

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Additional Features

Automate candidate engagement

Easily access ZoomInfo Engage to automatically connect with candidates via automated email sequences and call reminders—get back to recruiting and spend more time in candidate conversations.

Reach the unreachable

Access interactive organization charts

Search and filter across different departments to visually uncover hidden pockets of talent. You can sort organization charts by department, team, and job function across customized views so that you can narrow down a search within an organization.

Integrate Seamlessly

ZoomInfo data on Candidates no matter where you source

Supercharge your sourcing strategies with ZoomInfo data as you roam the web finding candidates. Leverage our Chrome Extension on LinkedIn or Corporate Websites to quickly view contact and company information, expand your view to show even more data, and export directly to PCRecruiter or Excel.

ZoomInfo on LinkedIn Recruiter

Contact ZoomInfo Sales: 866.904.9666

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