Over time, the pertinent features and buying considerations of technology solutions change in meaningful ways.

What was once a killer feature months or years ago may now have negative real market value, signifying obsolescence or a slide from fashion. Likewise, what was once a nice-to-have punch list item may become a central value driver.

In recruiting technology, there is no better example than the Ecosystem that surrounds every widely used solution. A decade ago, it was good enough to have a self-contained, effective solution with some basic hooks to batch import or export data.

Today, offering an actual, accessible, standards based API is a given; but growing in importance is the quality, breadth, and depth of prebuilt and tested integration options with leading vendors in the critical solution spaces that touch recruiting, like assessment, background checking, sourcing, contractor management, and financials.

Successful integration means more than bits and bytes, especially when business rules can be fuzzy, and recruiting is probably the most fuzzy of all basic economic processes. Quality integration governance helps assure customer satisfaction and avoid the bane of multiple solution providers being misaligned with their customers’ interests in solving what can be one-off or complex issues.

Vendors with large ecosystems will have varying levels of relationships and focus.

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