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Recruitment automation keeps your team organized and informed.

The phrase “time is money” may be cliché, but any recruiting pro will tell you it’s a fact. That’s why the recruitment automation features in PCRecruiter are so valuable. Allowing the system to handle grunt work like sending form letters, texts, and push notifications,  as well as organizing names, companies, and jobs into lists, PCRecruiter’s automations free up the recruiter to do what they do best – building relationships with clients and candidates.

Automations include (but are by no means limited to) the following sorts of time-savers:

  • Send a form letter when a new position is entered.
  • Let an admin know when a new candidate has submitted a resume.
  • Notify someone when a placement has been made.
  • Add candidate records to lists automatically based on their industry or title.
  • Send a form letter when contractors are about to come off of their assignments.
  • Send a mobile notification to a contractor if they haven’t submitted their timesheet.
  • Remove names from lists when they’ve passed a particular stage in the process.
  • Send a hiring authority an email when a candidate has been qualified.

Automations allow you to create power-user efficiency with no coding required. As with anything in PCRecruiter, the choices are up to you and whatever your unique recruiting process may be, PCRecruiter makes it easier.

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