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PCRecruiter for Outlook

The link between Microsoft Outlook and your database.

If you are the type of recruiter who “lives in Outlook,” you’ll find PCRecruiter for Outlook an invaluable enhancement to your workflow, allowing you to interact with your entire PCRecruiter system via a ‘pane’ within Outlook just as you would within your web browser.

Master Your Contacts, Send More Powerful Messages

  • Keep your PCRecruiter names and departments in sync with your Outlook contact list
  • Look up email correspondents in your PCRecruiter database
  • Add email correspondents directly to PCRecruiter
  • Add attached resumes from emails directly into the PCRecruiter database
  • Use email templates in with data fields from the PCRecruiter database record,
  • Automatic Activity logging for any email sent or received in Outlook
  • Drag-and-drop to create lists or add candidates to pipelines

Speed Your Adoption of New Technology

Many users of PCRecruiter have already invested in Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Outlook has been widely adopted as the primary work environment for business critical processes in HR. These companies are looking to generate more value from their software investments, with strong needs for team collaboration and results.

By adding the PCRecruiter to this familiar environment, users find the potentially complex interface of the applicant tracking system to be more intuitive, and benefit from a unified and simplified access to the data and actions they need and as a result, increase their personal and team productivity.

Leverage Your Data, Maximize Your Power

With PCRecruiter for Outlook, events that you add to your Outlook Calendar will sync to your PCRecruiter Schedule and vice versa, with a link to jump directly from the Outlook Calendar event to the associated record in PCRecruiter.

Email Sync

If you’ve opted to use the PCRecruiter Integrated Email with IMAP, you can have a complete log of your actual email correspondence stored in your PCRecruiter database as well, so that you can work with your email even when you’re not on the same computer where you use Outlook.

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