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Successful recruiting and staffing professionals leverage data insights to inform their tactics and improve outcomes. Tracking results and productivity metrics for yourself and your team is one of the ways that PCRecruiter helps you make more of the high quality placements that earn you fees.

Most reports can be downloaded as PDF files, exported as Excel files for further analysis and formatting, or exported directly to Google Sheets or Microsoft 365. Many reports include prebuilt bar and pie charts for a clear visualization of your performance indicators, as well as emailing and branding options.

Standard Reports

PCRecruiter offers several pre-built summaries of pivotal information. These include:

  • Applicant Tracking Report
  • Time-To-Fill
  • Record exports
  • Duplicate audits
  • User activity metric reports

Custom Reports

Choose your own fields and headers for printing or for further analysis outside of the system. These reports can be quickly configured by an admin user in your database, or for more advanced requirements, with help from PCRecruiter’s award-winning support team.

PCR Analytics

For organizations where managers need to observe from a higher vantage point to measure productivity and trace trends over time, our premium tier includes PCR Analytics.

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