vs. Bullhorn

If you’re in the market for a new recruiting software, you may be wondering how PCRecruiter compares to Bullhorn. After all, both companies have been in the market for over twenty years and have a substantial market presence. In fact, PCR and Bullhorn stack up fairly evenly in terms of the basic capabilities they offer.

Where you’ll see significant differences is in the quality of those capabilities, the depth and flexibility of the features, and the way each company supports its customers.

In a word? Culture. PCRecruiter is intensely customer-focused. No company is perfect in every interaction, but PCRecruiter customers β€” from the smallest to the largest β€” experience that energy throughout their relationships with the company and the technology.

PCRecruiter outranked Bullhorn on 83% of G2’s comparison metrics, including:

  • Ease of setup and administration
  • Ease of doing business with
  • Meeting the needs of the business
  • Quality of ongoing support
  • General product direction
PCRecruiter is a leader in Small-Business Recruitment Marketing on G2
PCRecruiter is a leader in Small-Business Recruitment Marketing on G2
PCRecruiter is a leader in Recruitment Platforms on G2

Top 3 Reasons to Choose PCRecruiter over Bullhorn

We asked our consulting team what they hear from former Bullhorn users who are switching to PCR about why they decided to switch. Here are the three most common reasons cited:

Flexibility & Configuration

PCRecruiter supports a wide variety of workflows, custom fields, and custom forms without the need for added fees or long waits.

Users praise PCR’s Profiles feature for creating practically any form β€” from candidate questionnaires to client debriefing worksheets and even emailable agreements. These forms can trigger a variety of helpful automations, and with custom HTML design can be as complex and branded as you please.

This level of configurability also extends to the Job Board, which PCRecruiter has designed to be quick and inexpensive to implement, while also offering complete configurability of fields, forms, and styling to match your company’s branding and website.

Plugins & Integrations

If you’re the sort of recruiter who practically lives in your inbox, you’ll love PCRecruiter’s integration with Microsoft Outlook. The text of every email sent or received with your candidates and clients gets logged to their record, you’ll be able to quickly access the record of anyone who emails you, and resumes that arrive in your inbox can be converted to PCR name records in an instant. PCR offers similar functionality for Gmail users via an add-on for G Suite, not to mention many other connections via our Public API.

Users also love PCR Capture, the free browser extension that turns any record you’re viewing on LinkedIn and other popular websites into an easily searchable record in your database. It even helps you keep your database clean by merging and updating content from captured records into existing contact records.

Training & Support

No matter how great a system is, it is nothing without customer service and support. Our award-winning in-house support team knows the software and, more importantly, knows you and your company, so that you get the answers you need.

PCRecruiter users consistently rave in their feedback and reviews how easy it is to get in touch with the support team, how friendly the staff is, and how quickly their questions or issues are resolved.

PCRecruiter offers support via the web chat, phone, and email, always with a knowledgeable human at the other end. And if you’re looking for self-service options, the LMS and Learning Center are at the ready.

Don’t just take our word for it…

We think PCRecruiter is the best, but we’re admittedly a bit biased! If you want an independent opinion, we have the reviews from actual recruiters from sites like Capterra and G2 to back us up.

PCRecruiter reviews sourced by G2
Capterra StatPCRecruiterBullhorn
Overall Rating (out of 5)4.34.1
Ease of Use4.14.0
Customer Service4.64.0
Value for Money4.43.7
Likelihood to Recommend78%67%
Capterra Stats snapshot from June 2023