Required Launcher Update

Wednesday September 8, 2021

Required Launcher Update

We have released a patch on our SaaS PCRecruiter network which includes a necessary update to our PCRecruiter Launcher. The Launcher is a small desktop app that allows PCRecruiter to connect with your computer’s local OS for interactions like alarm popups, attachment handling, and so on.

When you log into PCRecruiter you should be prompted to install the latest version. If you are not prompted, you may download the Windows installer here or download the Mac installer here. If the installation is skipped, some features may not perform as expected.

Here is what you can expect to see:

There is a newer version of the PCRecruiter Launcher
Click “Yes” on the PCRecruiter Loader
Update Launcher
Click “Yes” to begin the PCRecruiter Launcher Setup.
PCRecruiter Launcher Setup
Click “Next” to begin the installation.
PCRecruiter Launcher EULA
Check the “I accept” box and click “Next”.
Ready to Install
Click “Install” to proceed.
Launcher Setup Type
Choose the “Typical” installation option.
User Account Control
You may see a message like this. If so, select “Yes”.
After the installer has completed, which should take only a moment or two, click “Finish”

Following this installation, you may continue to use PCRecruiter as usual.