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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin


Each relationship with a new PCRecruiter customer begins with assessment and planning. After your Usage Agreement is activated, your organization is connected with our professional service group. Your PCRecruiter engagement typically includes a designated number of hours of administrative setup and training time which can be used throughout the term of your Usage Agreement. Once the included training / consulting hours have been delivered, your team may engage Main Sequence to provide additional hours for new users, existing user refresher sessions, new feature overviews, or for any other purpose. Although the bulk of our services are delivered via phone and internet, we also offer in-person, onsite services by arrangement.

Please contact a Main Sequence Sales Consultant regarding information about onsite services.

Main Sequence uses a simplified billing rate structure for services based on two levels of service:

Level 1 service is routine training, consulting, or technical work that requires expertise but does not require unusual judgment or autonomy in the execution of the work.

Level 2 service means extended or multivariable situations requiring judgment, autonomous decision-making, and/or notable creativity by service providers to accomplish customer goals.

We use a simple online service ticketing system which ages tickets, groups service request tickets or defect reports by severity level, and allows collaborative record-keeping for all service activities.

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