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Beyond direct API links to major sites, PCRecruiter also integrates with third-party tools designed to build-up profiles from unstructured sources like search engines, public records, and data aggregators. With PCRecruiter, you own every right and full title to the database, which can’t be queried and potentially someday used against you by competitors or the site-owners themselves.

Social media is here to stay. Make sure the critical work that you do in refining, qualifying, and communicating goes to a place that is yours- for all time.

The list of key Social Media sites seems to grow quarterly. That’s not to mention community and interest sites, which multiply in the hundreds and thousands. They all share one critical, and potentially negative characteristic for you: the data is theirs, not yours. Free means somebody somewhere is paying. If it’s not you doing the paying, the ultimate beneficiary of your work probably won’t be you either. Even in the case where you pay for access (such as LinkedIn Recruiter), every time you add a connection or add value to a record, in the end, you are enhancing their business.

Ideally, you could make good use of all of these resources, and at the same time build a valuable economic asset of your own- tailored to your exact needs, controlled by you and only you, and benefiting you and only you.

In other words, a private database plugged into the social world.

PCRecruiter is that answer. You can search and connect profiles from social sites using the free PCR Capture tool. People can maintain portions of their own records in your database via emailed communications. You can maintain a master file on key contacts, candidates, and organizations, drawing information on all of them over time from various sources. Using the PCRecruiter LinkedIn andApply button, candidates can apply directly to your organization’s positions using their LinkedIn profile.

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