ATS Should be Focus of Resumes

In a time when many different people with different experience levels are applying for the same jobs, candidates should be focusing on the importance of their resumes.

A successful resume will include several elements, including keywords that are ATS friendly. Click here to learn more about applicant tracking systems. According to an article by Human Resource Executive Online, resumes also should place importance on focus, accomplishments, branding, uniqueness and appearance.

Following are the reasons each element is important to your resume:

  • Keywords – Most resumes you submit are sent through applicant tracking systems before they reach an actual person. ATS use software and databases that are searchable by keywords, meaning if your resume contains the same keywords as a company’s ATS, it’s more likely to be noticed.
  • Focus – Your resume should state the career goal you’re looking to reach. This helps employers easily see exactly what you’re looking for and what you can contribute.
  • Accomplishments – Your resume should emphasize results, outcomes and career-defining performance indicators. These can include anything from meeting needs and challenges to solving problems, impacting the company’s bigger picture, growing the business, enhancing revenue and driving profits. Your accomplishments could help set you apart from other candidates.
  • Branding – Your resume branding should capture your career identity, authenticity, passion, essence and image. This can be done through the appearance of your resume, a branded message that remains consistent throughout the document or a branding statement that defines who you are, your values and why companies should hire you.
  • Uniqueness – Your resume should convey your distinctiveness, passion and vast understanding of the business or industry in which you’re looking for work. This should help an employer decide why to choose you over other candidates.
  • Appearance – Your resume should be distinctive and clean, but also should be eye-catching and reader-friendly. Your resume should show that you know how to be professional and innovative at the same time.

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