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PCR Update v.9.7.19 – New Activity Screen & Global Rollup Stages

PCRecruiter’s new update this week comes with a revised ‘New Activity’ window and the ability for system admins to define database-wide Rollup Stage configurations with per-task icons and automations.

A new update will be rolling out on the PCRecruiter servers this week. In addition to our usual fixes and improvements behind the scenes, this update includes some noticeable new features and improvements:

  • The New Activity screen has been redesigned to include:
    • The same action shortcuts that you see in the ‘Recently Viewed’ records area on the main search screens.
    • A link to view the Schedule.
    • A ‘Duration’ dropdown to give scheduled items a time slot.
    • More convenient access to the color and alarm items for scheduled items.
    • Option to generate a separate Activity for follow-ups.
    • Option to schedule follow-ups onto other users’ calendars.
    • A reworked configuration panel with improved default options and color labeling/ordering tools.
  • A new Global Rollup Stage Icons panel under SYSTEM:
    • This allows admin users to define Rollup Stage icons, activities, and automation plans to be applied to all users in the database, overriding any per-user stage setups.
    • The Global Rollup Stages also come with a ‘Function’ dropdown so that different groups of stages can be configured for different purposes.
  • URL Tel: Protocol support:
    • A new ‘Hyperlink’ option has been added to the configuration icon by the phone number on records in System > Users.
    • When active, clicking the ‘Phone’ icon by any number in the name, company, or position record will launch the default Tel: software on your computer (Skype, etc.) Windows 10 users: see ‘Choose a default app for each protocol’ in your Start menu to define your machine’s Tel: app.
  • Greener is Greater” coloring in Lucene keyword search results:
    • Databases configured with the Lucene Search Engine will see green shading on keyword search results, indicating strength of the match to the search query.
    • To see if your database is using the Lucene, check the upper right corner of the Advanced Search screen for the label “Keyword Version: Lucene.” Contact a representative for more info.
  • Contractor Module updates:
    • A new Timesheet Payroll View toggle appears in the ‘Contract Hours’ list view. This toggle switches between the standard view of contractors currently on assignment and the new view of contractors currently due for payroll.
    • The Paychex CSV output now includes the Position Id.

This change was made based on feedback from our users. We invite you to make your suggestions and vote on others’ ideas in the features forum at https://help.pcrecruiter.com


This week we’re releasing a fresh update to PCRecruiter, and our users will be able to take advantage of some helpful improvements. Let take a look at what’s new:The most noticeable changes are in the Add Activity window.

We’ve carried over the ‘recently viewed record’ card layout from the Search area to the top of the Activity panel, giving you the same data points and shortcut icons to send email, link to a position, and so on. This convenience will be especially helpful to users who immediately open a fresh activity when making or taking a phone call. A new shortcut link to view your schedule has been added as well.

The interface for adding scheduled items has also been streamlined. A ‘Duration’ dropdown has been added so that you can set a designated time slot for Activities correlated to scheduled events. The tools for selecting a color code and reminder alarm for your scheduled items have been moved so that they appear directly along side the time and duration.

The process of creating a follow-up activity has been made simpler as well. The same duration and alarm tools have been included here, and new options have been added which let you generate a separate Activity for the follow-up, and schedule that follow-up for one or more other users in the database.

The Share Activity panel allows you to duplicate the same Activity to other contact records in the database and to email a copy of the Activity text to that person as well.

The configuration panel for the Activity window has also been updated. You can now define the labels and order of your Schedule Event color codes from here – a panel that was previously only available on the Schedule screen itself. This panel also allows you to set default options for your new Activities and follow-ups to save data entry time when it counts.

One final change in the Activity window will be helpful to those of you who use Skype or other phone applications that recognize the TEL protocol from web links. A new ‘Hyperlink’ setting has been added to the user’s Telephone Settings, found by the contact phone number in each user record. With this toggled on, clicking the phone icons from your contact records will not only launch the Activity window as always, so that you can record the details of the call, but it can now hand off the selected phone number to your computer’s designated phone app for automatic dialing.

This update also brings improvements to the Rollup List stages. In previous versions, the names, colors, icons, and activities for Rollup Lists were set up on a per-user basis. Now you’ll find a Rollup List Global Stage Setup under the System area. The Rollup configurations made here will be applied consistently for all users in the database. In addition, you can create separate Stage configurations for different Functions like Marketing, Sales, Development, Recruiting, and Sourcing. Once these Rollup Functions are configured, they’ll appear as a new option when you’re creating or editing a Rollup, giving that list the stages and automations that you need for performing that type of task.

In addition to these major changes, and of course our continual performance enhancements and fixes behind the scenes, PCRecruiter databases configured for the Lucene search engine will now see new coloring on keyword search results. This “greener is greater” color coding shows records in which your selected keywords appear more frequently and closer to the top of the document with a darker green, while those results that don’t match as strongly will appear with a lighter green.

We’ve got a lot of other new features on the way before the end of 2018, many which have been suggested by users like you in the Forum at help.pcrecruiter.com. Be sure to log in and post your ideas, or vote and comment on the ideas that would be helpful to you. Keep up to date on PCRecruiter by following us on Twitter and Facebook, joining our LinkedIn Users Group, and watching for the banner notifications inside of PCR and on your login screen.

6 thoughts on “PCR Update v.9.7.19 – New Activity Screen & Global Rollup Stages”

  1. Nice update. The one update I’d love is for Boolean to actually work in PCR. It’s a bit jarring that I can use the same Boolean search symbols in every other database except for PCR.

    1. You can check the version by going to the SYSTEM menu and searching for “About” using the search box in the left column, but essentially if your login URL starts with “www2.PCRecruiter” you’re always going to be on the current release.

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