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Data migration from one database platform to another is a mission-critical process that must be choreographed and validated from start to finish for a successful transition to a new platform.

Main Sequence has the expertise, experience, and flexibility to manage any data migration requirement, from ``full service plus`` to self-service using PCRecruiter’s built-in import utilities.

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What does data migration encompass?

Data migration involves ‘mapping’ the old system’s data to the new system, associating old data with the new system’s formats and requirements. Once a satisfactory mapping is achieved, the entire data set is converted to the new format.

Main Sequence has dozens of standard maps from all major vendors of recruiting systems. Our team has migrated data from:

ACT!, ADP VirtualEdge, Act Sage, Akken , Big Biller, Bond Adapt / eEmpACT, Bullhorn, CAPS / CAPSX, CBIZ, CV Plus, Cats One, Cluen by Encore, Deploy, Excel Files, FastTrack, Filemaker Pro, Fleetware, Goldmine, Gopher by BlackDog, HireDesk, Humanaware, Invenious, JobDiva, Lynx, MRI WorldWare, MS Access, Maxxhire, Mindscope, MySQL, PC Hunter by MicroJSystems, Personic / EZaccess , Pick (Wingate), PositionManager, RecruitMax, RecruitForce, Projectix, Resource Tracking, Resumate, Safari, SalesForce / JobScience, Sendouts, SkillSet / Lotus Notes, Sonic Recruit, TalentSecure, Taleo, Taleo Business Edition, Trilogy, Tris, TurboRecruit, VURV, Vurv, WebPass, WinSearch by Relational Systems, WorldWare, Wware, Zoho Recruit and others.


Is it expensive?

A full service, comprehensive data migration carries some expense. Many competing vendors of recruitment solutions offer “free conversions” but, of course, nothing is ever free. Either the conversion offered is not full-service, or the vendor is making up the costs in some other aspect of the transaction (typically with higher monthly fees).

The quality and completeness of a data migration can have a large effect on end-user satisfaction and ROI. It’s an area that should be carefully explored with potential vendors before making a decision, and it’s one area where differences in vendor effort and skill can’t fully offset the need for effort and focus from the customer side. Don’t let the allure of a “free data conversion” or promises that “no effort is needed” distract you from obtaining the results that you really need and the kind of data conversion quality Main Sequence is known for in the professional recruitment space.

Main Sequence sales consultants and conversion analysts can scope your actual data conversion needs and offer a quote appropriate for your situation.

Can I do it myself?

For customers seeking more basic data loading, the PCRecruiter Generic Import Utility offers a useful array of mapping features, including custom fields and modeling of one-to-many relationships (such as names connected to organizations) and cleanup tools (such as joining first and last names) that work well for do-it- yourself migration of basic name/organization contact data. Sometimes this step can be a guided part of your initial implementation.

Those same utilities are valuable ongoing features for customers who wish to load data from time to time for various business purposes- including evolved multi-database functionality allowing move/copy operations as needed. Continuous data loading / modification is considered an integration, but these utilities may play a role in that use case as well.

The Conversion Process

Main Sequence’s full service, comprehensive data migration is a craft job that requires a lot of communication and custom work. This document outlines the general process and timeline for a successful data conversion.

At the start of the process, the training and data consultants from Main Sequence will speak with the customer to discuss goals, responsibilities, and and timelines for the process.

A pre-conversion training will be done, covering the basics of data organization in PCRecruiter, familiarizing the customer enough to make decisions about where their migrated data would be best placed in the new system.

A series of online meetings between the client and the data consultant will be held to work on a data map, sometimes relying on templates from previous conversions with the same source format. A current copy of the customer’s data is provided, and a first pass conversion will be handled within 20 days.

After the first pass is completed, the conversion consultant will review the data and make corrections to the data map. They will also set another meeting with the customer to review the first pass and get added feedback before the second pass.

Data Conversion Timeline

The second pass is run, taking into account any changes made to the data map. This phase can take up to two weeks, depending on the availability of the conversion consultant working on the project.

After the conversion consultant has verified and is satisfied with the new pass, they will present the second pass to the customer. During this phase, ‘edge cases’ and complex areas of mapping such as interviews and placements will be reviewed thoroughly. Any new examples are added to the data map for a third pass.

At this point, the customer will be given access to a read-only view of their converted data so that they can review and give feedback. Additional corrections and data passes continue until the customer is satisfied with the database.

Another training session is arranged so that the customer can go through the mapping, confirming that everything is in order for the final pass. The trainer explains how to review the final data map and helps the customer find the data in their database.

When the customer signs off on the final data map, the conversion consultant sends a data acceptance letter that is replied to by the customer, confirming that they are satisfied with the mapping. The customer and consultant set a finalization date, typically over a weekend to minimize downtime.

The customer provides a copy of their data for the finalization by the Friday morning of the finalization weekend, and the database is typically ready for use on Monday (although Tuesday is usually quoted to cover any unexpected issues that arise).

At this point, the trainer and client have set up a day/time for their first user-training session, typically on the completion day of the conversion. At this point, the conversion process is complete and the the client will continue working with their trainer to set up configuration and customization of the database and users.

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