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Voice / SMS

Auto-Dialing and SMS for Staffing and Recruiting

Effective recruitment requires fast and trackable access to your contacts, clients, and candidates. Not only can PCRecruiter automate tracking of your email correspondence, both in and out of all of your devices and mail clients, but it also integrates with your Windows TAPI dialer, ShoreTel Sky Connect or select Altigen phone servers for call tracking and improved staffing and recruiting phone productivity.

Whether your existing phone solution is hosted inside of your office our outside of your office, if it uses the Windows Dialer, you be one-click dialing and auto-logging outgoing dials within minutes. If you have Windows Dialer working on your PC, just log into your PCRecruiter database and go to your user account settings screen. Under Telephone Settings, choose TAPI and set ‘Canonical Dialing’ to ‘Yes’. That’s all there is to it! Now you can click the button next to any phone number in your database to dial it automatically. Talk to your telephony or office technology provider to determine whether a TAPI solution is available to you.

To maximize your speed to data with screen-pops on incoming calls, talk to your PCRecruiter representative about our integrations with RingCentral,  ShoreTel Sky Connect, or the PCRecruiter SoftPhone integration with select Altigen systems.




RingCentral’s all-inclusive cloud phone system features HD video meetings, unified voice, fax, text, and audio conferencing, and delivers the high quality, reliability, and value expected by enterprise businesses.

  • Click to dial or text from any contact record in the database, making more dials faster.
  • Call attempts are automatically recorded as activity records, making it easier than ever to report on your communications with contacts and candidates.
  • Save audio recordings of your calls and review text conversations.
  • When you receive an incoming call, the matching records in PCR are automatically loaded to prepare you for the call.

To learn more about using RingCentral with PCRecruiter, contact your PCRecruiter representative.




TextRecruit is a centralized texting platform that helps recruiters engage in two-way texting communication with candidates and employees, stay compliant, and track messaging history. Today, recruiters use TextRecruit to source, recruit, screen, interview, and onboard talent with 100% open rates, 37% response rates and an average response time of 12 minutes.

  • Send texts directly from your ATS, job boards, or LinkedIn
  • Verify and add mobile phone numbers to your TextRecruit account
  • Send unlimited personalized inbound and outbound text messages to multiple candidates using campaigns
  • Chronicle a comprehensive record of mobile interaction with candidates
  • Analyze your performance metrics: see real-time open, response and click-through rates

To learn more about using TextRecruit with PCRecruiter, watch this video or visit TextRecruit.com.




PCRecruiter has linked with ShoreTel Sky Connect (formerly M5), which is a voice-over-IP service from ShoreTel’s Cloud Division.

  • PCR users can get phone integration on Mac or PC without having an in-house phone server. Management gets a new view of critical business metrics, with dashboards to serve as an early indicator of recruiter performance.
  • In-bound screen pops provide instant visibility of who is calling, and relevant info about the caller from your PCRecruiter database can be viewed before answering.
  • Your organization saves precious time throughout the day. Less time dialing means more time doing your job, with easier note taking and no misdials.
  • ShoreTel Sky Connect automates the process of entering calling activity records into PCRecruiter, saving time and improving accuracy of reports.