Integration with PCRecruiter

Modern recruiting platforms can only reach their potential by plugging into the data universe that surrounds every substantial recruiting effort. From Staffing, to Executive Search, to Direct Hire, there are ever increasing numbers of complimentary solutions in the value chain. External information, processes, and interactions touch the recruiting platform in both of PCRecruiter’s major use cases: the recruiting platform as the central record system or the recruiting platform as adjunct to the central record system.

Integration is fundamental to the evolution of Platforms as a Service (PaaS) and represents a key aspect of the selection criteria for recruiting systems. Main Sequence offers several approaches to the Integration challenge; a top quality hosted API, dedicated custom integrations and relationships, and connections with cloud-based exchange (middleware) platforms such as Zapier, which offers a wide selection of pre-built plug-ins to leading solutions in Pre-Hire Assessment, Background Checking, Drug Screens, Financials, and more.

PCRecruiter also offers an array of useful features that customers use to self-integrate, including import/export routines, XML output of complex reports/queries, and workflow utilities (automations) to create “if this then that” results both inside and outside of the PCRecruiter system.

Main Sequence sales consultants are trained and experienced in helping to scope integration concepts and meet your integration challenges in the smoothest, least expensive ways.

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