Introducing PCRecruiter Analytics

Thursday March 2, 2017

Introducing PCRecruiter Analytics

We’re pleased to announce the public release of the PCRecruiter Analytics engine, which gives you a comprehensive graphic representation of your recruiting KPIs with goal tracking for individuals and teams with regularly emailed reports.

With the Analytics, managers can combine recruiter activity and pipeline data into customizable metrics and generate easily understood charts.

Check out the video below for an overview, and contact your Main Sequence representative for details and pricing for activation on your account.

Timesheets Added to Public API

The PCRecruiter API (application programming interface) is the connection point through which external software can securely connect to a PCRecruiter database.

With this week’s update, Main Sequence has added connection points for the contractor timesheet areas of PCRecruiter to our public API. Given these new methods, authorized third-party software developers and service providers can now send and receive content related to these areas of the database.

If you are using the PCRecruiter timesheets and are interested in synchronizing your timesheet data with an external system, you’ll want to notify that service or your independent developer of this expanded offering.

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