Two Minute Tuesday: Mobile App

Tuesday January 12, 2016

Two Minute Tuesday: Mobile App

In this week’s new Two Minute Tuesday video, we’ll take a look at the PCRecruiter Mobile App for iOS and Android devices. This free mobile app is a great way for staffing and recruiting professionals to access applicant and hiring authority data on-the-go. Being away from your desk doesn’t have to mean being away from your database!

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Video Transcript

It’s time for another “Two Minute Tuesday,” Main Sequence’s weekly series of very short videos designed to highlight often overlooked PCRecruiter features, concepts, or best practices in a convenient couple of minutes.

This week’s “Two Minute Tuesday” is about the PCRecruiter Mobile App for Android and iOS, which we released in 2014, but which you might have missed. You can find the app by searching your app store, or going to the downloads area of our website. Best of all, the app is completely free for PCRecruiter 9 users.

The first time you launch the app, you’ll tap the “Change Login Url” option to give the app the web address of your PCR account. Then you can use your usual username and password to connect to a database in your account.

The menu in the upper right takes you to the search and add options for the major record types and to the Settings area where you can change accounts or log out. Tap “Add” to create a new record, or “Search” to do a basic search.

Most often you’ll use the ‘search’ box at the top of the app, which can find names, companies, and jobs all at once.

When viewing a contact, you can email, call, or text them right from the record using the built-in features of your device. And of course PCR will log an activity indicating that you hit the email, call, or text button.

You can also view the resume, and email it or share it to other apps, and work with activities and notes. If there’s a LinkedIn profile stored for this contact, you can jump right to it.

From a job, we can see the description and make changes to the basic fields on the fly, and use the Share icon to push the job’s web extensions link into an email, text, or tweet.

Tapping the PCR icon in the upper left brings the recently viewed items so we can jump back to them at any time.

This is just the first version of the PCR Mobile app, and we expect to add more cool capabilities and connections to it down the road. Download it from the app store today and consider giving it a five-star review!

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