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A Valentine from PCRecruiter

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and because PCRecruiter users are our one true love, we’ve gotten you a little something: it’s a new software update!

Sure, we just got you that new version of PCR Capture and the updated Learning Center a couple of weeks ago, but we couldn’t let this holiday pass without a little something extra to show you how much we care. We should mention that, although they may not be as flashy as the changes described below, this assortment of bonbons also includes over 350 performance enhancements and issue resolutions to keep your system operating efficiently and reliably.

Let’s get dressed up

New Colors in Default / Light Theme

You’ll notice PCRecruiter wearing some fresh colors — most notably within the Default / Light Mode theme. These changes are a bit of foreshadowing for some very exciting developments in the works for the coming months.

The bigger style change you’ll find in this update is the completely revised look of Profile Forms. If you’re not familiar with Profiles already, these are PCR’s robust and adaptable web forms that can be completed by candidates and clients via emailed links, or by internal PCRecruiter users. They can be used as interview guides, skill sheets, candidate data sheets, applications, and so on. Practically any data collection requirement that needs a keyword-searchable attachment to store the response can be satisfied with a Profile. Our new update makes them not just powerful, but also more attractive.

Within the Profile editing area (System > Database Setup > Profile Setup > Edit) you’ll find new options under the Custom HTML panel. An expandable “Style” area has been added here, containing two options: “Legacy” and “Default”. The “Legacy” setting re-enables the original style code, which may be needed by those who already have custom code based on the original Profile formatting.

The new Default Style includes a host of improvements such as:

  • Larger and more legible default fonts
  • Cleaner, brighter default colors
  • Automatic ‘asterisks’ on required fields
  • Clearer indicators on required fields that have been skipped
  • Simplified code to make customization easier

Profiles are Red, Profiles are Blue

Why stop at perfume when we can give you jewels? In addition to Profiles looking great from the very first click, the new “Style” area also includes a link to our Profile Styler.

With this utility, you’ll not only be able to choose from alternate color and font schemes we’ve created for you, but you’ll also find easy tools for applying your company’s own logo and colors. You’ll be dressing your forms in brand identity from head to toe without needing to know any HTML or CSS code!

Once you’ve defined a style, you can paste it into the “HTML Layout” on as many forms as you please. Using the “Cascading Style Sheets” box under System can also help you apply consistent fonts and colors across all of your Profiles if you wish.

You’ll find complete information on creating PCRecruiter Profile Forms in the Learning Center.

As always, you can talk to PCRecruiter support about building Profiles and about options for fully-customized layouts and styles, or about how your own web designer (or ours) can create customized Profiles to suit your needs.

We have some even bigger new features on the way this spring, so keep your eyes on this blog and your login screen for more announcements.

2 thoughts on “A Valentine from PCRecruiter”

  1. We would love if the profiles autosaved. I’ve lost data countless times. Unfortunately, profiles still need some improvements.

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PCR Updates

A Valentine from PCRecruiter

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and because PCRecruiter users are our one true love, we’ve gotten you a little something: it’s a new software update!

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