Recruitment and HR industry events, summits and conferences are a great way to learn best practices and grow your business network.

The CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE team has compiled this list of upcoming shows for the remainder of the year to help you keep your calendar filled with professional development opportunities.

October 2023

  • LinkedIn Talent Connect, Week of Oct 2 : Online and in-person (NYC) events.
  • HR Healthcare, Oct 2 – 3 : Austin, TX will see WBR’s HR Healthcare forum for sharing, networking, and learning in the HR space.
  • Ceridian INSIGHTS, Oct 2 – 5 : Catch visionary thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators at this Las Vegas event, including key speaker Kevin Bacon
  • Staffing World, Oct 3 – 5 : This year’s ASA event in Charlotte features keynotes from Mike Krzyzewski, Paul Zikopoulos, and Dominique Dawes
  • Paylocity Elevate Conference, Oct 3 -5 : a virtual event featuring keynote speakers Abby Wambach, Jenn Lim, and Elatia Abate
  • Talent Success Conference, Oct 4 : a virtual conference with industry-leading HR experts discussing trends, insights, and new methods for recruiting and retaining top talent for your business.
  • Recruitment Agency Expo, Oct 4 – 5 : Industry leaders in the UK will converge on Birmingham for this big annual exposition.
  • Swipeclock Summit, Oct 5 – 6 : a free event with hands-on education, workshops, and so forth for Swipeclock users
  • NAPEO’s Annual Conference and Marketplace, Oct 9 – 11 : The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations will be hosting this annual event for the PEO industry in Orlando
  • HR Tech Conference, Oct 10 – 13 : The huge annual show at Mandalay Bay in Vegas has been going for 25 years!
  • Sanford Rose Associates, Oct 11 – 13 : SRA members will convene in Dallas, TX to meet and learn
  • IHRE Summit, Oct 17 : The In House Recruitment Expo Summit will be attracting top UK and global recruiting pros to Coventry Arena
  • Hunt Scanlon ‘Optimizing Talent for Growth’, Oct 18 : This conference in San Francisco is on the topic of private equity and venture capital recruiting and talent management.
  • UNLEASH World, Oct 17 – 18 : Taking place in Paris, this show is billed as “where the HR world meets”
  • HRO Today’s Talent Acquisition Strategies & Technology Showcase, Oct 17 – 18 : A two day event with insights and best practices for HR in Houston, TX
  • Gartner ReimagineHR Conference, Oct 23 – 25 : This is an Orlando, FL event for CHROs and HR leadership teams with multiple tracks to choose from
  • Silicon Valley TechRecruit, Oct 25 – 26 : Head to San Francisco for workshops on recruitment operations, AI sourcing, and other talent acquisition topics

November 2023

  • SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit, Nov 1 – 3 : Staffing Industry Analysts will hold their summit targeted at the healthcare staffing market at Red Rock Resort in Vegas
  • Tech Recruitment Conference, Nov 2 : TRC is a one-day event in person in Amsterdam and virtually aimed specifically at technology recruiters
  • Michigan Recruiter’s Conference, Nov 2 : The only specifically designed Recruiter conference for corporate Talent Acquisition Pros and Leaders in Michigan!
  • NAPS Conference, Nov 5 – 7 : Jacksonville will host the National Association of Personnel Services’ annual event this year
  • HCI Analytics Conference, Nov 15 : Human Capital Institute offers this event on Finding New Candidate Pools with Recruitment Analytics
  • LEAP TA Healthcare, Nov 14 – 15 : Talent acquisition leaders in the healthcare space will meet in Houston for a free conference with action-orientated, strategic dialogue.
  • Future of HR, Nov 15 – 16 : Join in’s FREE virtual event, “Future of AI and Recruitment Technologies”

December 2023

  • Recruiting Daily “Talent Sleuths” Dec 7 : An immersive training event featuring HR sourcing leadings where you’ll hone your detective skills to unveil top talent and master the art of recruitment.

Are you planning to attend any of the events above? Did you go to one already? Let us know in the comments below!

Franchising – licensing a brand, business model, or product to a separate entity – is a popular way to run a business. And for good reason: some of the world’s best-known brands are built that way. Take American Recruiters, for example. They’re recognized by Forbes as one of America’s top professional and executive recruiting firms.

Gino Scialdone - President & CEO - recruiter franchising at American Recruiters
Gino Scialdone, President & CEO, American Recruiters

President and CEO of American RecruitersGino Scialdone – began his franchise program over 20 years ago. Since then, it’s grown from strength to strength.

We spoke to Gino to discover why his franchise model is a great fit for recruiters, and how the right ATS and CRM – in the shape of PCRecruiter – helps drive success. 

Why franchise?

Franchising is about systems and processes. The beauty of the franchise model is that it gives people the chance to run their own business for themselves, but not by themselves. 

We started franchising for one reason: to better serve our customers’ needs.

Gino Scialdone, President and CEO, American Recruiters

This is really important in an industry like recruiting, where being able to tap into networks of people and organizations is so vital. It also helps to mitigate some of the risks involved with starting a new business. So it’s no surprise that there are nearly 800,000 franchise establishments in the US alone.

American Recruiters serves a wide range of industries – including healthcare, IT, engineering, and manufacturing – with specialist recruiters. Whether our clients are large enterprises or small businesses, they have one thing in common: they need help to bring in the right talent for multiple roles. 

That’s where PCRecruiter comes in. American Recruiters uses a centralized database – a single source of truth – for all their franchisees so that people with the client relationships are clearly signposted and so “the right hand knows what the left hand is doing”.

This is similar to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system used by Realtors, where property details are listed alongside the brokers. Like an MLS, American Recruiters’ database gives franchise owners access to a ready-made network and a customer-base with an ongoing need to fill open roles. 

The two sides of a recruiting franchise 

Building a database in a recruiting CRM like PCRecruiter creates the opportunity for cross-selling and upselling. Take the healthcare sector, for example. A hospital system needs to recruit nurses, but they might also need someone for their accounting department or IT department. 

The American Recruiters franchise model creates the opportunity to introduce other franchisees – experts from within the network – and get them in front of the right people. Using a single private database inside PCRecruiter, American Recruiters can look across the platform to see who their clients are, the openings they have, and then knock on some different doors within an organization.

Our franchise model does two things: it enables us to go wider and deeper with our customers, and it gives new franchisees the chance to compress the bell curve and get their business started.

Gino Scialdone, President and CEO, American Recruiters

Relationships with companies that fill permanent placements through American Recruiters present opportunities to offer contract staffing – staffing solutions for temporary positions on projects, maternity leave, and so on. At the same time, their franchise model gives new franchise owners the chance to ramp up business faster than if they were doing it on their own. 

The relationships between franchisees are also a strong mechanism for support – they help each other out, working on placements together and going to each other for advice. That’s important because around 60% of placements made by American Recruiters are internal splits between franchisees. Recruiting really is a team sport. 

The keys to success as a recruiting franchise

Recruitment is a people business. American Recruiters’ top franchisees use their previous relationships to garner business for their recruiting practice. They’re real go-getters; people who are always open for business, working across timezones and leading and influencing others. Alongside the ability to build relationships, successful franchisees have three things in common: energy, engagement, and ambition. 

It’s all about relationships. Either developing them with existing franchisees and their network, customers in the database, or with people outside our database.

Gino Scialdone, President and CEO, American Recruiters

Recruiting experience is an obvious feature of their resumes, but that’s not always a prerequisite. One tried and tested route to becoming a successful franchisee is for executives in transition. These individuals move from being the leader of an organization within a particular sector to becoming an executive search consultant. Seasoned executives know their business, know the people, and they know their industry. 

Specializing works because it’s difficult to be all things to all people. In the type of recruitment that American Recruiters does, franchisees need to be entrenched in a core practice. They may diversify their specialties over time, but specific knowledge of a niche is invaluable for executive search. Couple that knowledge with good experience of sales, and you have the recipe for recruiting franchise success.

Success built on synergy, security, people

In recruiting, collaboration is key. American Recruiters’ private database in PCRecruiter enables franchisees to work as a team rather than being siloed. Franchisees also benefit from exceptional brand resilience; they move forward with the power of the American Recruiters brand behind them.

Over the years, American Recruiters has weathered multiple financial storms, from Black Monday in 1987 to the Great Recession in 2008, and more recently the global pandemic that wiped out around 40% of recruiting firms. That’s just one reason why Forbes has recognized American Recruiters as one of the top 250 professional recruiting and staffing firms since 2016. 

No matter how stellar the recruitment tech, if you can’t get someone on the phone to walk you through something – like training or setting up a new feature – the shine quickly diminishes. With PCRecruiter there’s always someone there to help.

Gino Scialdone, President and CEO, American Recruiters

This endorsement makes the brand attractive to both companies seeking a high-performing recruiting firm and potential franchisees looking to grow their own business by being part of an established recruiting brand. They also get peace of mind from PCRecruiter’s robust security protocols, which ensure the database is protected from nefarious external parties. At the same time, they benefit from reliable, high-quality, and on-demand customer support. After all, successful recruiting – and recruiting tech – is all about people. 

To discover more about American Recruiters’ winning franchise model, visit their website at