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IBM Kenexa Assess on Cloud Integration

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The latest update for PCRecruiter includes integration with IBM Kenexa Assess On Cloud, bringing a broad range of candidate assessments to your selection or development process. Whether you’re gauging job fit, traits, or skills, PCRecruiter and Kenexa Assess can help you find the right people for any level from entry to C-Suite.

Learn how this huge library of behavioral and skills tests integrates with your PCRecruiter system in the video below, and contact to get started. IBM offers further detail on their website at


PCRecruiter now integrated with Textkernel

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Main Sequence is pleased to announce our integration with Textkernel, reinforcing our native full-text search engine to empower recruiting, staffing, and sourcing professionals with deeper search and smarter matching capabilities based on the content of their resumes, job descriptions, and other keyword-rich content.

Textkernel’s parsing software and its semantic search, sourcing, matching and lead generation tools will transform the way you’re doing business and help grow your business exponentially.

Check out the overview video below, and contact Textkernel for more information on getting started with Textkernel!

What other integrations and new features would you like to see? Log into the support system and use the Forum to tell us, and to up-vote your favorite suggestions from other users.

November Updates and Integrations

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Holiday Training Special

Our training team is offering a special Holiday Training Special. Book time with our training staff from now through December 31st at a discounted rate of $75/hr, or purchase a block of four hours for $60/hr. This promotion has been very popular in previous years, so we recommend taking advantage of the offer!

The Main Sequence team is back from the Thanksgiving holiday and we’re pleased to announce some handy new features and powerful partner integrations with Verified First and LogicMelon in PCRecruiter!

In the video below you’ll learn about the new “Linked” option on Name records which loads other names from the same company/organization record. You’ll also see the new “Capture Selected Text” feature in PCR Capture that parses contact info from any screen text you highlight.

We’ve also enabled a new Ideas and Requests Forum in our support ticket system where users can submit their suggestions to our team and vote or comment on others’ ideas.

Background Screening with Verified First

Verified FirstWe’re streamlining hiring processes by partnering with Verified First, the premier background and drug screening company in North America. This partnership brings organizations of all sizes the ability to validate and verify potential hires right from PCRecruiter. The interface is intuitive and designed to encourage users to comply with FCRA and EEOC laws that govern background screenings, significantly improving time-to-hire when screening candidates.

Once the fast and easy integration is set up, you’ll see a button below the email address on all name records. Clicking the button passes the candidate’s contact info into the Verified First browser plugin. From there, you can initiate your desired package for all sorts of checks and screens. The Verified First integration comes with no setup or monthly fees, and you’ll only be charged when you order screening. Find out more at

Job Multi-Posting through LogicMelon

LogicMelonAnd we’ve revised our integration with LogicMelonan award winning platform for posting jobs to multiple destinations, including over 2000 free and paid posting job boards, social networks, and niche websites. Check out the demo video below, and visit for more on this service’s capabilities, job boards, and pricing.

Third-Party Integrations with LinkMatch and TextRecruit

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The PCRecruiter API (application programming interface) makes it easy for third-party developers to create connections to PCRecruiter databases. We’d like to call your attention to a couple of cool recent integrations built by other vendors.
TextRecruit is a centralized texting platform that helps recruiters engage in two-way texting communication with candidates and employees, stay compliant, and track messaging history. Once you’ve installed the TextRecruit extension for Google Chrome, you can  add phone numbers to your TextRecruit account directly from PCRecruiter records for messaging and analysis within TextRecruit. Below, you’ll find a demonstration video from TextRecruit. For more info, visit


LinkMatch makes searching LinkedIn for candidates simpler, easier, and faster by telling you which candidates are already in PCRecruiter. The LinkMatch Chrome browser plugin highlights the contacts you see on LinkedIn with a red or green indicator to show whether they match an existing record in your PCR Database, and allows you to modify or update the record within the popup window. For more info, visit

More integrations are always being worked on. If you’ve got a favorite third-party utility, let them know that your ATS has an open API they can build on!

Note: The above products were developed without the direct involvement of Main Sequence Technology / PCRecruiter. Any questions regarding pricing or functionality should be directed to the vendor.

Two Minute Tuesday: RingCentral

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Partnered with us since Fall 2015, RingCentral brings SMS and VOIP connectivity to PCRecruiter. If you’re one of the many folks who’ve ask exactly how the two systems work together, this week’s Two Minute Tuesday video is for you!

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Video Transcript

Welcome to this week’s Two Minute Tuesday, Main Sequence’s series of short videos with tips, tricks, and tutorials to make you a more powerful PCRecruiter user.

This week we’ll be looking at how PCRecruiter works with RingCentral, an integrated partner that gives users the ability to launch calls from PCR records, get incoming call popups linking to the matching PCR records, or send SMS text messages to one or multiple recipients at a time, and all with full activity tracking and reporting.

Here’s the RingCentral desktop app popping up, and now PCRecruiter pops up an indicator showing that there are records in my database matching the incoming call’s phone number. Clicking on the popup brings up the names, companies, and jobs bearing that phone number. Now I’ve got instant access to the records relevant to this call.

Well, now that you’ve seen an incoming call, let’s look at the outgoing side of things. If we mouse over any phone field on a record, the icons to call or text appear to the right. If we click on the phone icon, the PCR dialing popup appears with a short countdown, and then launches the RingCentral app to make the call. The popup remains visible so that we can write in some activity text while we’re on the call.

If we click on the SMS icon, the dialer window appears and we can select from the available phone numbers on the record to send a text message. We’ll click on the mobile number, which launches a fresh text message window in the RingCentral app.

Any calls or texts you which make on your RingCentral phone number, whether from a PCRecruiter screen, RingCentral’s interface, or the RingCentral mobile app, will generate activities on any record in your database matching the phone number. This means that you can keep your business communications and contacts separate from your personal cell number and still do your job on the go. Call and text logs from RingCentral are synchronized back to PCRecruiter’s Activities every few minutes, so now if we check back into the Activities area, we’ll see the inbound call, outbound call and text message have all been listed.

If we want to send the same text to multiple recipients at the same time, which can be helpful in notifying several candidates about a new opening, updating people on the status of a job, and so forth, we need to start by getting the recipients’ permission to include them in our bulk SMS messages. Check your local laws and regulations on bulk texting.

When RingCentral is enabled, a new Form Letter is added to the system which can be sent to your contacts, asking them to text the word Subscribe or Unsubscribe to your unique RingCentral number. The resulting Opt In list can be found and worked with by searching for SMS in the System area.

The bulk SMS option appears in the Action menu on your Rollup Lists and Search Results. You’ll select the records you want and click the SMS icon. The popup window indicates whether any of the people selected aren’t currently opted into your bulk texts, with the option to send the pre-defined invitation Form Letter to them automatically from this screen. To send a text to those who have opted in, you’ll just fill in the box with your message and click “Send”. RingCentral queues them up and sends them as individual texts from your phone number so that the recipients can text or call back.

If you’d like to get started with RingCentral and PCRecruiter, contact your Main Sequence representative for all the details.

And for more Two Minute Tuesdays, subscribe to this YouTube channel and watch our social networks or your PCR login screen. If you have any suggestions for future episodes, send an email to